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  1. They're pretty fun if you don't mind playing drunk. And ridiculously low scores are common and they're not always posted by cheaters. My friends and I posted a 54 with no mulligans and no gimmies. We made par on 17 and 18 to do so. One partner plays a scratch, one is a 10 handi, one was a noob but he was cool.
  2. I think I understand what you're saying.. If you're standing on a par 3 that's listed at 180 yds and it's 60 yds downhill, then it will not play the 180 yds listed. It will play considerably shorter. Don't make it harder than it has to be with all of the equations and stuff. Using your ranger finder will give you a straight line distance to the pin unless, as Iacas stated, it has a slope adjustment.
  3. JKilgore44

    A rut

    I made my biggest swing change last season. I started off the season shooting in the mid 80's and knew that my current swing wouldn't ever take me to the next level. I got my girlfriend to video tape my swing and took the time to analyze it and make the needed adjustments. During the swing change I was posting scores in in the mid 80's-high 90's and I was getting really frustrated. But I stayed with it. Through the off season I kept working and at the beginning of this season it finally clicked. I haven't shot in the 90's once this season and generally shoot in the high 70's. My highes
  4. Yeah no kidding, you rolled the dice and crapped out man. The good news is that you have a rain check and after your first round of exams, theres no better way to go blow off steam (and all that adderall) than a nice round of golf at what sounds like a good course.
  5. There's a ton of difference between Pro V1's and Super Fly's. That's the reason for the price difference. Does that make you dumb for buying them? Of course not. It was a good deal. I would've bought them too. Just tell him it's not how, it's how many.
  6. ask him how many "Gimmies" Tiger has ever taken
  7. At least he has the integrity to be honest and pay you! But yeah, I hate par 3's. They kill me. I'll take a 550yd par 5 any day over a 190yd par 3
  8. I'm not gonna lie, that's a hard core work out. If you can jump straight into that, good luck, but expect to be sore for a few weeks. I post my work out last season so it's somewhere on the forums. It's based along the same principles (shoulders, abs, and cardio) but it's also designed for the average person with limited time. But Camillio is a superb athlete. The only person who's more athletic on tour is, well you all know who it is
  9. I have it and I really like it. I absolutely rip it when I need to. I mean the ball absolutely flies off the club face. ITs so square that its easy to line up. THe review above is dead on the money. I highly recommend this club.
  10. In my experience, practicing on slower greens won't be detremental to your game. Really focus on making good strokes and hitting the ball solidly. Personally I find faster greens much easier because you simply stroke the ball whereas slower greens you almost have to "pop" the ball. Regardless of the green speed, remember that you're practicing your stroke. Stick to the fundamentals of a good stroke and continue to build on that.
  11. I really thought Vick would end up in one of three places: 1) Oakland - because Al Davis is notoriously bad for selecting players based solely on speed and that aren't necessarily productive for his system 2) Detroit - They ended up with Stafford though, so that's that 3) Miami - Parcells could control him and keep him in check, but just imagine the wildcat with Vick and Ronnie Brown! But I was worng, good for Vick though, Im glad. Stallworth gets community service for killing a human. Vick gets 2 years for allowing his some dogs to fight on his land. Ray Lewis gets indicted for murder a
  12. It's okay dude, I get angry out there too. I feel like if I don't meet my expectations I am failing myself. People who don't show any emotion when they play aren't pushing themselves hard enough IMO. I'm not suggesting that breaking a club over your knee is particularly smart, but I've broken clubs too so who am I to judge you? The only advice I would give is to break it over the cart or wrap it around a tree, it won't hurt nearly as bad. PS, I played the two Ritz-Carelton courses in Naples this summer and they're both top-notch!
  13. I vote AK. He has a better swing and I think that he has more talent burried deep down inside. For a smaller dude, he absolutely rips the ball, and he plays with no fear. AK's biggest opposition is himself. He doesn't have that mature mentality like Tiger does. But then again, After Tiger won the '97 Masters (He was only 21 I think) he did a lot of growing up himself. Ultimately, if AK keeps his head on straight and continues at the rate he's doing, he will be great.
  14. Yeah ryo, you're not kidding about Texas heat and humidity. I live in College Station, right in the heart of the Brazos Valley, and it's around 104 with 100% humidity. The heat index is around 114 and the little breeze that actually does exist is blocked by the trees. All you guys that complain about the heat should come walk 18 in our shoes. Well that's if you were still standing after 9.
  15. Lean is better than bulky especially in golf. I think being athletic is going to beneficial in any sport, golf included. I'm 6'1", 185lbs and have long arms and big hands. I hit the ball alot farther than my playing partners because they're built differently. It's not so much that swing is better or I have better mechanics, I just generate more club head speed through extension and leverage.
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