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  1. So I was playing a round the other day and found a pro v1 on the last hole. I was about to head out when someone asked me if I had seen a pro v1, not wanting to give it up I was convinced it wasn't his. Then he told me that he had his name printed on it. Sure enough "KYLE" was printed on it and I had to give it back. So, has anyone else ever done this and what did you put on it? LINK--> http://www.titleist.com/golfballs/customimprinting.asp
  2. All of a sudden my drives are popping straight up and losing a ton of distance. Does anyone have any tips to help this. BTW I have tried lowering the tee height:)
  3. Does anyone know anythings about theGuerin Rife Barbados Putter, I recently saw one at my pro shop and fell in love with the look and feel of it. Does anyone play with one or have a review of it? Thanks!
  4. How many different wedges do you have and which do you use the most often? Just curious as there are some good choices to choose from and wedges are often used. I have a PW SW and GP, but I definately use my SW the most, its so handy
  6. One of the first pages for hybrid reviews was thesandtrap.com!
  7. I chose less than $10 b/c all the balls I get come from the crappy little field "range" where no one ever hits and yet the field is constantly refilled with pro v1 and v1xs.....I don't pay for them but I do end up hitting a lot of them back into the woods so they end up back at the "range"
  8. Great story, hope you like your new driver. Same type of thing happened when I bought my new irons, I was convinced at the last minute by the guy at the store after he listened to my choices. Good to see that the guys at the store actually know what they are talking about
  9. Does anyone know of any good public golf courses near Boston, MA. I'm heading their for some college visits and really would like to play some golf while I'm there. Thanks!
  10. I think hovering the club will help people to fix certain muscle memory issues that may be messing up their swing. Its very similar to something I do, I try to hook my shots b/c my natural swing and what my muscles know is a slice.
  11. 1st hole right by the club house, playing with a friend of mine who is nationally ranked, a scratch golfer, the whole deal. After a pathetic first drive I topped my second shot so hard it got caught in the ground and rolled backwards. SOOO Embarrassing. Of course, anytime you have to yell "FORE" to people on another fairway is always a bad feeling
  12. My Putter, doesn't seem to want to do what I want it to do. The real problem is, I have to use it atleast once on every hole
  13. After reading this I realized this problem is very similar to the problem I had. So a couple of days ago I played a round with a slower back swing and a stronger turn of my hands and extension of my arm. Worked like magic! I finally feel like I have found a real golf swing and I am now hitting all clubs much straighter. Thanks for opening my eyes and sharing this scenario!
  14. I am probably going to buy this club but before I make the purchase I just want to hear anyone's opinion on the hybrid. Pros, Cons, whatever. Any replies would be great help Thanks!
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