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  1. I havent bought the driver. however ive tried my chances at a newport 2 putter cant be that bad right? i mean... a putter is a putter... and less than 20% of the RRP
  2. Ok thanks. Definately going to the Grand Canyon. We are staying in PH for vegas, then we get a rental car after 5 days and then we can do whatever. I have no idea what to expect with hotel/motel prices up the coast and in the cities. Any insight?
  3. is the weather that bad in january? what about on the coast? we may look to playing wolf creek. looks to be some good deals
  4. I once ate my scorecard for a bet does this count?
  5. And no i dont think that is the case. I feel when Rory is speaking to the media, he is addressing the fans, not just talking into a camera because he has to.
  6. Couldent agree less with that statement. Any bad press he has had, he brought on himself. IMO he has permanently scarred himself. He seems like he has a real dark side whenever i see him. Almost as if he is acting up for the cameras... showman almost
  7. yes indeed. however, i know a few people low handicappers who play with these Chinese clubs and swear by them. isnt it true that taylor made have parts made in china?
  8. He just goes out and plays the game. Very similar to Tiger when he was younger With experience will come LOTS of majors
  9. Sorry to piss of any Americans on here.. but he is rude! No question Look at Rory Mcilroy's interview. 21 years old and extremely mature and polite. Theres no excuse for rudeness.
  10. So we have booked out first trip to the USA starting in Vegas at new years. We will then be driving towards San Diego and then up the coast eventually finishing in LA. Its not the top priority, but can anyone recommend some golf courses? We don't want to pay a tonne, but we will need club hire. Also, any other must do's while we are there? How much are we looking at paying for an average nights stay after Vegas? Thanks
  11. my ball was about 4 feet from the cup for birdie. Playing partner was in the rough. He plays a chip, and his ball hits mine and knocks it in. I took a par i think. What should i have done?
  12. So these are from china... i know it sounds too good to be true but aparently they are OEM just not assembled at taylor made. What do you guys think? I have a friend who bought a set of R9's from them and he swears by them.. Thanks
  13. I occasionally smoke on the course. It will do either one of 3 things; Turn a real bad round good Turn a good round REAL bad Or just turn a bad round into a fun round All of the above are fine with me WAKE'N'BAKE
  14. OK thanks for the reply. I will look to doing a video this weekend. Basically, i used to fight a hook (duck hook wayyy left) that would usually come in if i try to overhit it. I fixed this and i rarely did it, i went from hitting a stock draw to a slight fade from the tee. I did this by clearing my hips earlier to eliminate the chance of a duck hook So inevitably, im now hitting the occasional push slice instead of duck hook! lol! Golf hey! Normally when im playing bad its just a bad patch. But topping it off the Tee has NEVER been an issue. I mean.. Ive probably done it o
  15. Slim

    Number 1

    Rory in a few years. Just needs to concentrate on his mental game He could be incredible if pointed in the right direction
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