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  1. the previous gen top-tier 40+ balls are all selling for around $30, new, now. you could capitalize on that for now. Other than that, I would reccomend the Bridgestone E Series, NXT Tours, or Top Flite Gamers.
  2. I've been a muni hacker for most of my life but I wanted to see what It's like money wise to join a country club. If you belong to a country club, what where all the fees involved? (If you don't mind) Joining, monthly(or yearly), restauraunt fees, etc etc. overall cost? I'm not looking for advice on how to join a country club(I know some places require you to know someone, etc), I'm just trying to gather information. If you could also list which club you belong too, thanks. [sorry for the sloppily written paragraph and any spelling errors, but its close to 1 AM and I'm just trying to g
  3. that's good to hear. I'm 16 and I'm on my school's golf team. Its fun, and a chance to play competitive golf and play all the nice country clubs in the area(If you, like me, are not a member of any).
  4. don't get knockoff clubs.. buy used clubs a couple model years old from name brands... a lot better deal in the end. keep your eyes out for macgregor(someone mentioned this before, i know) closeouts
  5. it depends. wilson has the reputation they now have for selling cheap crap in modells. Wilson staff is on par with all the big names but people associate it with cheaper wilson clubs. quality never went down with those clubs, just people now equate them with wilson's ventures into the low level modells golf stuff(ram, etc). and hrossroth, My uncle had a set of wilson staff fluid feel blades too. I have a set of mid cavitys.
  6. exactly. I'd love to see a test by someone without any bias doing this.
  7. I use a 56 from most all chips. I don't like how 'chip with your 5-6-7-8 irons' is being shoved down my throat all the time. I'm comfortable with the 56, I am used to the way the ball comes off the face with it, and I don't like the bump and run approach. So 56(I don't yet own a 60 degree, but If I did I would probably incorporate that as well).
  8. thats what I do when something goes wrong. During the offseason I have no choice but to go to the range in Old Tappan, where the mats are so thick you start to hit so far behind the ball that it's a wake up call when you get to the thin-mat-over-concrete at my local muni. I've resolved to find a new range for the offseason
  9. +1. Just started using Scorecard via the 5 round trial, will buy 2.0 upon release. During HS golf season, I don't play many non-school associated matches(we practice on the course 4-5 times a week), and HS golf near us means 9 holes, so I plan to buy 2.0 when it is released.
  10. oh alright. As for 9 hole support, will that mean you can use the 9 hole rounds towards all of your statistics too?
  11. maybe its just the nickents? Try some more 'generic' GI clubs(read: Ping Eye 2, etc)
  12. ^ yeah, but that wasn't a shot that i've really ever seen him hit. It was just tiger, being imperfect, missing the center of the clubface. He hasn't got a 'snap hook' problem.
  13. Haha, thanks. Made him my avatar because my swing is probably about as coordinated and graceful as I imagine his to be.
  14. dings on my clubs don't really bother me, and I like the sound of my clubs hitting against each other when I'm walking. But then again, I don't play forged clubs, which I imagine would look pretty bad after a couple weeks of buying them. Headcovers on woods are enough of an annoyance(I am on the verge of leaving them in the car.) What annoys me is, invariably, the only shots that leave marks on my clubs are the ones way out on the toe
  15. will the 'upgrade' to 2.0 for 1.0 users be less than buying it new if you didn't already have scorecard 1.0? I saw that whole couple posts about getting a deal got shut down, just wasn't sure, now that thats over, what the scenario is.
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