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  1. If I win I'll choose the navy blue midsize PURE Pro grips to start my 2015 golf season with a Pure advantage! Jordan Spieth -10 Steve Stricker -10 Ryan Palmer -10 Thank you!
  2. For what it's worth: I'm kind of a golf ball aficionado, and I like to try different balls (particularly inside 100 yards). Historically, I have found that the wedge spin rates, relatively speaking, have not always matched up to Golf Digest's charts. For example, the 2011 Z Star was located high up in the chart in terms of half wedge spin, but I found that it didn't spin all that much (everything else about it was great). I think it had to do with the fact that the Z Stars have the thinnest covers in the premium market. As a result, the wedge didn't grip the ball that well to impart a lot
  3. This might help: http://www.golfdigest.com/images/equipment/2014-05/eqsl32-hot-list-ball-spin-rate-chart.jpg
  4. So I had my Proforce V2 tipped with the Amp Cell adapter. It was very helpful because I was able to keep changing shafts for a good comparison. With the V2, I was more inconsistent, but I was hitting pulls and some low hooks with it. I did not do that at all with the other 2 shafts. I also had a Graphite Design Orange AD-6 S-flex which I was hitting similar to the stock shaft (mostly fades with the occasional straight ball). But, given that the V2 was over-correcting my problem, what characteristics do you think would have most contributed to it? Heavier weight (76g vs 60g stock),
  5. We're scheduled to go down next month, and I just realized that 4 of the 5 courses will be overseeding about a week before we get there. Who has played down there under these conditions, and what were your thoughts?? Even if the sand is no longer on the greens, do they play like shag carpets?
  6. I actually have a Proforce V2 76g Stiff in my old driver. I did like it, but it's attached to a Callaway Hyper X and fells like I'm swinging a rock now.
  7. That's kind of the problem. I've had difficulty trying out shafts since my driver is last years model, and places don't have shafts with the correct tip. I have adjusted the setting to draw, and it does help to an extent (not perfect), but I would prefer to get a better shaft and play the neutral setting if possible.
  8. Thanks for the reply. My avg driver spin rate is around 2100 with a 14* launch.
  9. First of all, thanks for reading and any replies. Second, just assume that my swing is not the reason I'm not getting the ball flight I want. It's the shaft. I'm a 7hcp, ~100mph ss with a relatively quick transition, and I've been taking lessons all season from a respected pro in my area. I generally do not have issues with slicing, but 8 out of 10 of my drives have a 10-15 yard fade. I play a Cobra AMP Cell 9.5* and I have ideal launch/spin stats: nice high launch low spin. It's just the (strong) fade that I can't get rid of. I've been working hard on my swing, and I don't
  10. I appreciate your thoughts/insights. I decided on Caledonia. When I played the Pine Barrons course a couple years ago I was with 2 of the other 3 players I'll be with in MB, so they have seen that type of layout before, and my Dad is really into gardening/horticulture so I think he'd enjoy Caledonia more (assuming the flowers are still in bloom). Also, if/when I go for my next trip I'll likely plan to play northern courses so, assuming I don't go back to the Murrell's Inlet / Pawley's area anytime soon, I think Caledonia is the more well known of the 2 courses (when we tell people about our
  11. Well, I suppose a course with Nicklaus' signature on it is expected to be manufactured. Some of his courses are very forgettable, but this one looks memorable (as defined by the ability to distinctly recall >=6 holes 6 months after playing). While I do take your points about No. 2, I would counter with Pine Valley; as well as some other Ross designs in the same area (Mid Pines and Southern Pines for example). They are all built in a similar environment/terrain, yet still have a more "American" feel to them (IMO): green fairways and rough being the two main characteristics. I sup
  12. I'm thinking of adding an extra round onto our itinerary. Deciding between True Blue and Caledonia. I've played Tobacco Road (Mike Stranz design) and the Pine Barrons course at World Woods (similar design). The pics I've seen of True Blue seem like it's a "traditional" Stranz course while Caledonia seems more like a parkland style course (if that makes any sense). How would you compare the two? Going in late October, should I expect that the course conditions and plantlife (flowers, shrubs, etc.) will not yet be going dormant to take away from the asthetics?
  13. I seem to be in the minority here. I think Valhalla is a very interesting layout. I like short strategic par 4s (#13) and split fairways (#6 or #7 and #18...I think). Nicklaus courses are usually hit or miss for me, but this looks like one I'd enjoy. Maybe the setup could have been better to make the course a little more difficult, but there were some looong par 4s that forced 200-220yd approaches. I agree with some other posters that the rain certainly created conditions that allowed for lower (than usual) scoring. But all that aside, I just liked the fact that the event was held
  14. Wow! I would consider myself a golf fanatic, but that's A LOT of golf in a 6 day stretch! Not that I'd turn it down....
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