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  1. the only problem I see is what another poster stated already....casting. I would try to work on you right elbow getting into your right hip on the downswing and keep everything else the same....good looking swing, but I bet you suffer in distance from time to time.
  2. 106 mph with your irons!!....good lord, I'm suprised ALL you have is a sore elbow. Unless you have a superb swing and are in top notch physical shape, IMO that is way too fast. I hit my 7iron 170-175 and swing it at like 80-85 MPH, if I swung as hard as you I would've ruptured some vertebrae or something. 106 sounds like a good swing for your driver, BUT you don't (or shouldn't) contact the ground with it. Unless your 106 is coming from incredible lag, my recommendation is to get some lessons, slow down your swing and focus on solid contact.
  3. pretty solid swing....no coach here, but I think you're losing a little bit of your spine angle on the downswing. Could be swinging to hard which makes it difficult to stay balanced. The result is you have to stand up a little earlier. As I said I am no expert, only know this because it still affects me when I overswing.
  4. You absolutely positively have to be more athletic in your setup. If you adopt a more solid setup it will keep you from having to make compensations. GET YOUR BUTT OUT AND STRENGTHEN YOUR LEGS!!!
  5. Biggest help for me....and I'm no instructor.....has been to try and keep the left shoulder (if your right handed) back as long as you can (ie back to the target as long as possible). Another helpful thought for me is to not bring the club back too far inside, because that will lead to OTT probably 99% of the time for all us amateurs.
  6. 1. Keep right leg flex (swing in a barrel). 2. Don't let weight get outside right foot. 2. Get an athletic stance. 3. Hit the little ball before the big one!
  7. If you don't wanna play I'll join up with em.... Seriously, just go play and work on those things you've learned, how are you gonna know if they are working or not without playing. Additionally, if you've never played with them before and they say they play bogey golf.....that's probably on their best day. So with a 30 HC you probably lose maybe 1 stroke a hole to them at most. Hell, you'll probably go and beat em if you make some putts.
  8. Great observation....I was just thinking that he looked like he was swinging way too hard for just an iron. Try 3/4 backswing with a 3/4 follow through.....THIS is how far your irons are supposed to go. Too many of us amateurs try to hit irons as far as the pros and to do it we sacrifice balance, rhythm, and timing. When at the range, try hitting 100 yrd 8-irons....nothing better for someone that is casting and/or coming Over-the-top. This will help you find the inside approach on the downswing (the slot), AND help you learn to get the power from your legs instead of your upper body. Best
  9. The guy is usually play with, and myself, ventured out one morning it was 25, and the high was going to be around 30. I parred the first 3 holes, but he didn't dress warm enough and thought he was getting frostbite (probably would have). So we left....
  10. OMG!...are you serious??....why would you EVER not aim for the green if you have a clean look at it?? Work on your short game in practice, play with it when you NEED it. Doing as the above quote recommends is suicide to your iron game, which is almost as critical as a good short game. In addition, have you ever heard an announcer at a pro-am talk about the amateurs sailing the ball over the green? No, why?, because most amateurs under-club from the fairway. So if you do like the above poster suggests, you will probably come up even shorter on your approaches. WOW, maybe I just misunderstood
  11. MY 2 swing thoughts on short game are to keep my weight more on the left side throughout the swing and keep turning through the shot. By doing this I've knocked at least 6 strokes off my score and could be more if I could putt better. Example: I hit only 9 GIR last week but shot a 73 (+1) cause of pitching. I did chip one in, but I also missed 4 putts within 6 ft. and about 4 from 10-15 ft. What I do is head over to the practice green which is 5 minutes away on my lunch break with only my wedges and about 40 balls (and a retreiver thingy)Our muni's green is so big i can practice up to
  12. I think even your instructor could agree that working on your tempo and balance and flexibility THROUGHOUT your swing would only advance your improvement. Those are my suggestions, let him show you why you're still pushing it though when you go back.
  13. I guess if someone can throw out an idea like hitting three 7-irons, you might as well try this. Aim OB and have your swing plane feel like it's going in the fairway or to the other side of the fairway. Your probably aimed so far right that you come over-the-top and pull hook it.
  14. You're not finishing your swing most likely. Chest should face target, maybe slightly left of target, on the follow through.
  15. 1. Get your weight into your left big toe to start your downswing......while at the same time keeping your upper body behind the ball tilted slightly more than you were at address. 2. Don't swing so hard. P.S.> I think a divot pointing left is okay, the size of the divot will determine OTT swing. Just think...you have to hit ball first to obtain clean iron contact, hopefully you've virtually squared the face by the time you hit the ball, right?? Then, you should follow through to the inside, (i.e. left for a right-hander) with the clubface closing gradually. If you got a big monste
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