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  1. Red stakes?

    Hi guys and girls =) , another rules question - Scenario - Golfer A has hit a drive off the tee and has pulled it left, it was last seen coming down on the blind side of a small hill very close to red staked bushline/ditch. a russel is heard and it is fair to say the ball may have gon into the hazard the golfers walk up and cant find the ball so it is agreed that it must have entered the hazard BUT because of the hill no one could see where it went in and it cant be found in the hazard either as its thick overgrown shrubs ect. what is done in this situation? if its agreed that the ball went in can the golfers between them decide where they "think" it must have entered and take a drop from there under penalty of one? or must this ball be treated as being "lost", this would incur stoke and distance and mean walking back to the tee for his/hers 3rds shot if a provisional wasnt played thank people! im getting there with the rules, i just seem to read some of them and can still think of scenarios like this where i would still be unsure!
  2. Sand trap - dropping options

    hi guys, when in a bunker be it a fairway or greenside what options do we have if we declare the ball unplayable? i know we can go back to the place we last played (outside the bunker), can we take the two club rule? (droping within the bunker) and thirdly the one im really not sure on, is - can we take the flag stick and ball line straight back as far as want? again dropping in the bunker and not outside of it? I have been watching Golf rules in action and it confused me a bit with its explanation . thanks alot for any responses! Happy golfing
  3. Toughest holes and Congressional?

    i would definetely be twitching on number 10 but i must say the 18th, par 4 523 yards with water round the green, imagine the pressure? cant wait to watch it unfold!
  4. Putting mirrors?

    hi guys, Im new to the golf game and often 3 putt and its costing me!!! I am considering buying putting alignment mirror but Im not sure if it will actually help me? was hoping some of you experienced guys could give some advice? its only £18.59 so it wont break the bank but i'd rather not spend it if it wont help my game.. do you guys ever use one to practice your stroke? this is one im looking at from onlinegolf http://www.onlinegolf.co.uk/product/Masters-Golf-Putting-Alignment-Mirror/p94226.aspx Thanks everyone
  5. Single digit handicap

    cheers guys! Im so hooked to golf i think i should be able to come down quick (hopefully).
  6. Single digit handicap

    hi guys, i was reading an article online the other day that said only 10% of golfers make it to a single digit handicap, was just wondering how long it you guys to get there? the same article told the story of a guy who went from 28 to 8 in 18 months??!!!
  7. Ball on "another tee"

    played this week and my playing partner hit his tee shot onto another teeing ground but not out of bounds ( ie, we were on the 3rd and his shot landed on the 5th tee), neither of us knew if he got free relief or not? or any rules regarding this matter? My question is do you/is there any rule? it was only social golf but it would be handy to know for next time, thanks very much =)
  8. Hello fellow golfers!!

    Hello everyone! Been reading all sorts of threads so thought I would join as I have a few questions I think you avid golfers could answer! Only been playing 5 months but been going for lesson for about four, very recently became a member at my local club and don't have an official handicap yet! Played the front 9 this week and shot 41 gross (27 Nett goin off 28 handicap) score (par 34) this for me is the round of my life =) such a shame we lost daylight and I couldn't complete my round! absolutely got the bug for golf and hope I can get handicapped under 20 within a year! any more will just be a complete bonus! if I can play like the above round it shouldn't be a problem!