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  1. Sounds like you guys are going to have a great time! I wish I could play but closing on a new house on May 14th is eating up a ton of my reserve cash. If something like this is planned for the 2016 season count me in! So far this year I haven't even touched my clubs as we are preparing for the move.... might sneak out tomorrow to the driving range at least to shake the rust off.
  2. We would play from the white tees right?
  3. Ok, my game is not worth Erin Hills but I am in depending on the date! I am buying a new house (trying to find one now) but should be in and set before July 1st. Let me know the date and I should be good. I may even be able to get a couple other local guys to join in if we need to fill foursomes.
  4. The show was pretty good. Not too many deals on equipment but I didn't need anything anyways. I just mainly go to sign up for the free golf and the specials, like 2 for 1 at The Bull.....
  5. Just a heads to anyone looking to get out this weekend that the Milwaukee golf starts on friday and runs thru Sunday. I am going when it opens this friday as I need to at least be around something golf!
  6. Oh man yes the barn is still there! Cost me reaching that par 5 in 2 this past summer! I sent one right off the roof but it bounced far enough back to get there in 3. Strong wind out of the north and I was playing the wind and hit it perfect.... so yes, I hate/love that barn! Not sure if you were in the area still but they added 9 more holes to the south and it plays well like a links course. The trees have matured nicely on the course but still windy as heck even on calm days! Ferraro's is still there as well... some of the best wings/pizza in the area.
  7. Small world @David in FL ... So I imagine Johnson's Park, Shoops, Washington Part, and if you went high end Ives and South Hills? I grew up in the same town, still live in Mt. Pleasant...... I drive to Brighton Dale to play or Johnson's on the weekends.
  8. @David in FL Where in Wisconsin did you grow up?
  9. Make that 14 inches of snow! Now the pictures even piss me off! @Jakester23
  10. Lmao sorry. It's 32 here in Racine but we have 5-7" of snow coming Sunday.
  11. Here are 3 photos I took well at Wild Rock back in October.....
  12. I played Wild Rock 3 days in a row and and seen 3 different pin settings.... all 3 were amazing. We got warned at the 1st tee on the first day that they were the toughest pin placements they had all year. I shot 112 that day and was in the fairway off the tee almost every hole, I watched balls roll 20 feet of the green back into fairways on numerous holes. Sunday, the last day there I was and shot 92 which is good for me. I took an 7 on 8 and 6 on 9 (9 is a par 3) otherwise I would have broke 90.
  13. Lawsonia I have played twice, both times the links course and it was great. Wild Rock I Played 3 times this year, a 3 day weekend in October and it is a beautiful course, probably the nicest looking of my list. You will have to take cart, you won't want to walk this one. Plus you better bring your a game putting, they are fast and they move. Consider yourself warned! LOL Grand Geneva Resort & Spa I have played the courses here multiple times and they are all extremely nice. My personal favorite is the Player course but any of the 3 are great and worth the drive. Geneva National I have only played the Brute but that's their premiere course. It was the best one I have played until I played Wild Rock which I would rate slightly higher. Another one to add to the list is Hawks View Golf Club in Lake Geneva http://www.hawksviewgolfclub.com/ You would not be disappointed at all and it ranks up there with the others on my list. And if you are in the area to play those three consider a 45 min drive to play Sheppards Crook in Zion.... Anyone wanting to play the ones in Lake Geneva area let me know as it's 45-50 min from me.
  14. Since you don't want to hear from fellow Wisconsites, I will skip the response on where we have driven to and keep the little gem a secret of our group from southern Wisconsin.... BTW..... welcome to the boards......
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