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  1. Broke 120 today

    congrats on breaking 120. You sound like you enjoy the game and that's the most important thing. Good luck with your game.
  2. That is almost impossible to answer. It depends on you, your swing, the instructor you choose. Too many variables. I would suggest the 5 lesson pack over the 2. More time to reinforce any swing changes your instructor makes. Good Luck.
  3. I like highfields in Grafton. Wachusett is nice and they bought Kettlebrook in Paxton and have done a good job with it.
  4. Trade up??

    Hit them and compare them to your current set. You should be able to tell if there is a distance/accuracy improvement.
  5. Rainy weather - fewer rounds?

    The rain and cold has really affected us here in the NorthEast
  6. Everyone of my clubs has the same grip (except putter), I like them all to feel the same in my hand. But like everything else it's a personal preference.
  7. Work on your short game. Nothing saves strokes like a good short game. It will also free you up in other areas if you know you can get up and down.
  8. Scared of Par 3 's Help!

    I saw a statistic a few years ago where Tiger was something like 1000 under par on the par 5s but was over par on the 3s. If they are tough for the pros they are going to be tough for us. Don't beat your self up on them, shoot for the middle of the green and work on your short game. Good luck.
  9. I Broke 70!

  10. Kaymer's Turn to Poke Tiger

    I agree totally. "fear" is not a factor. I just wish they would stop asking the question. I guy wins his first tournament and the first thing they do is ask him about Tiger
  11. Isn't it amazing what one well struck shot will do for you.
  12. Did weight loss change your golf swing?

    I was going to give you a thumbs up for that post but then I saw your JetFan and I just couldn't bring myself to do it. LOL
  13. Johnny Miller talks about this all the time. I know a lot of people don't care for him but I like him. I figure if you can shoot 63 on Sunday during the US OPEN you night know a little about golf. Anyway, I've found a lot of interesting videos of him on you tube about hitting all the different 9 shots and I've been working on it myself at the range. Do a search on you tube and maybe you will find something that helps. Good luck.
  14. Your 2011 Golf Goals Official Thread

    1. Improve short game and putting which should lead to goal #2 2. Get index to single digits (currently 10.9)
  15. My initial thought would be a gap wedge as short game is so important. But thinking about it, only hitting 200 of the tee has got to leave you with a lot of long approach shots. So I think a hybrid would be the choice, plus you can use it to chip with around the green.

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