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  1. 102 on a par 72. First round of the year with new stix. Only had 35 putts but ALL my irons were horrid. easily should have been 12 strokes less. minimum. Still a good time out.
  2. I bought the R11 after demoing pretty much every driver being offered. Took me about a month to narrow it down to the club. I think for me it was the club I hit the most consistent. There was one thing that seemed a bit odd that took some getting used to and that was the sound at impact. Sounded more like a mishit than solid impact but that's no problem. There are several outstanding drivers but it comes down to personal preference. Pick the club you like that fits the money you feel comfortable spending. Easy choice.And some of the rhetoric in that last few posts is quite funny. Maybe there should be an age limit to register, no one under say, 12.
  3. Just getting back into the game and I've been really busy at the register. Today was a box of Srixon Soft Feel balls.
  4. Hello everyone. I am new to the site today and decided to registered. I have just recently started playing again after a very long time away from the game. Mostly due to my high school age son getting into the game (probably better than me, HA!!). I went out and got some new clubs as my previous set was quite old and cheap. I laughed when I told my son they were Lynx and he say "What's that?". Looking forward to tripping around the site. Gary
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