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  1. Come on guys, the kid is barely out of short pants. He destroyed everything at the US Open - records, the course and the rest of the field. He certainly has the talent, without question. Why are his drive and ambition brought into question? I don't understand that one at all. What indicators (on a golf course under playing conditions) has he given that he can't be bothered winning? Naivety from some posters, and I think he'll win a lot more than 3 or 4 majors....
  2. What's the best? Is it most effective or best to look at? I love Dustin Johnson's swing - full of intent and aggression. Freddy Couples does have a beautiful swing, as does Weekley. Worst? You mean ugliest? Hard to argue with either Furyk or Parry. Doesn't mean they're poor golfers though - far from it.
  3. I second the Adams Speedline, although I haven't hit a 3 wood for a while now.
  4. I have a Ping Eye 2 2iron that I bought when my driving went all squirrely. Might hit it at the range tonight.
  5. Weather here in Ontario is pretty changeable. I've played in slacks maybe a handful of times, however.
  6. A darkened room, sat on the floor, hugging my knees, gently rocking to and fro and bawling uncontrollably.
  7. If only. It's not impossible, dude, but the odds are stacked (and possibly tilted) against you.
  8. I tend to tee it lower, with maybe a 1/4 of the ball over the club as opposed to 1/2.
  9. Tee it low - I always hit better from a tee...
  10. Not keeping my head down has been, and continues to be, the major source of my thin shots.
  11. Three pars in a 110 - 130 range would be most unusual IMHO....
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