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  1. OK how about "telephoto" or how about video replay, do you not understand what I am saying? Sorry about the quoting, I've probably been online so much longer than you and am used to quoting the old way. Thanks for bringing this to my attention moderator.
  2. >You do get that a caddie, a spectator, a fellow competitor, a rules official assigned to another group or off-duty, a camera man, etc. are all "outside information" too, right? Good point. In that respect yes that is true. But I would argue (and maybe be wrong) that the rules were not made expecting someone with a telephoto high speed sense would then be allowed to do their own review on plays and alter the outcomes of tournaments.
  3. >So now we'd all be happy seeing replays of the rules violation which won Lexi a tournament, because no one could report it? No, it would be just like any other major championship for other sports - guess what? People still live their lives afterwards. Why don't we go back and look at every single mark every play made in major championships and if we find something call them cheaters. There are plenty of bad calls to see over time. This doesn't diminish the players that won.
  4. >Would it have been better if she won the tournament, then this person posted on a public forum that she "cheated" to win? Yes, because that's what happens in almost every major sport on television - IFAIK she didn't have the intention to cheat. There's always some person saying the referee cheated or there was bad call over and over. Where does the infraction occur? 1 mm 1/2 mm ??? Even if it is spelled out, it's not right that someone can call in and do something like this. Go ahead and call in to an NFL championship and complain about a call? Call into a NBA championship and argue
  5. Wow, we got it good here. One of the courses you can play 9 walking from 10am. No problems - just walk in and go out when you can. Everyone plays with each other - the skill level is usually from 6 to 20 handicap - never had a problem playing there. Meeting good people there. I'll take it!
  6. It's so fun to play with strangers. Most of them are great to play with and you learn so much by watching them. Most public courses will pair you with strangers. After a while it's really fun!
  7. At one course here the starter is so nice he gets worried if I play alone just in case I get a hole in one! I have rarely had any problems as a single. I play at whatever pace the course gives me. If the people ahead are slow I just wait and chill. Golf is stressful enough as it is. Sorry to hear about those rude people. They must be rude in life as well.
  8. I just saw the thread on being able to leave the flagstick in. For me, that is a godsend. I KNOW I putt much better with the stick in! Lag putts as well - something about having more to see - rather than a small hole. Love it as a bogey golfer. Probably not so good for keeping the game the same.
  9. YES! That's probably it for me. I realized last night at the range that so much of my bad shots are affected by my right arm motion. Everything else being taken into consideration - for me, it's so important. Tempo, alignment etc... all important but that right arm motion for me - squares the club face. Yesterday was terrible - bad tempo and while every drive seems to be decent to pretty good - my irons are off. Still not hitting the greens reliably. For the final two holes, I hit a punch shot to the green on a par 5 and made birdie, then on the next par 3, I did what I call - swing in a
  10. Golf is stupid. One day I am hitting the greens so easily. 184 yards out, I put it 5 feet to miss! But I was hitting so many greens and scoring very decently. I go out the next day and I can't even hit a single green. Well, one did hit the green but after hitting a tree and stopping for a tap in birdie. Crazy. I didn't hit any greens and was constantly trying to make a decent score and ended up with 87. It felt like 100. I didn't do anything different - just was playing a lot worse. I haven't played since then. Trying to pretend that the bad day was a fluke!
  11. Guessing, but most people are hitting a lot harder and also getting more tired during a round. Concentration wavers too. There is another factor. Your body "knows" what you should shoot and it's a major pain to convince it otherwise. It's so typical to have a horrible first round, then an awesome second round to make it up - but the final score is close to what you usually shoot. Vice versa. If you take a good look at your scores I bet the rounds are somewhat close to what you usually score at. To me the only way to improve is to focus on your weak spots and really improve them to th
  12. >Big change I have discovered is staying really connected on back swing, keeping my right arm tucked in I think you might have found what works for you which is just great. As long as you can repeat it and it doesn't hurt you - enjoy being consistent! I've been keeping notes for years and I noticed that the same "fixes" can apply over the years. The advantage of being older and stiffer is that there's only so much movement you can do with the body. I've been working on squaring the club face over above all else and along with wrists - turning over correctly, I have seen really goo
  13. The problem (for me) that I see is that there are so many "ways to swing" and they all seem to contradict each other. It's truly amazing. But I fully agree on the ball flight laws so I think for the "average golfer" to enjoy golf, he needs a swing he can repeat and that keeps the ball in play. What you don't want is the uncontrollable swing that sends your ball OB. YES, short game, putting can kill you and make you a bogey golfer or worse, but nothing slows play and makes you feel lousy like sending a ball OB. So find a repeatable swing through lessons and if you can't do that, then
  14. I haven't seen those, but if you have the means to fund lessons, I agree that's the smoothest way to a grooved swing (with practice). My advice would be start early and take lessons. Now if you started late like me - I took lessons and really worked on things for a while but I got depressed with being so inconsistent. So I just went to the driving range and literally figured out what I could repeat for the time I allot to golf. I'll never be really good - too many limitations in importation areas. But from what I have seen on the course - the deal killers seem to be for the people that are fr
  15. Congratulations! If only so many people understood the action required to square the club face. That and coming over the top. You must be hitting it far if you only have wedges into greens! Wish I had that!
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