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  1. Sorry if this has already been covered. But this is tigers first sub-par weekend round at a major since 2011 correct? All things aside thats probably a good sign for him for the next couple Majors. Also, whats the largest deficit to win a major in a final round?
  2. Francesco Molinari -10 George Coetzee -9 Ernie Els -9
  3. HELP. PLEASE. I am in desperate need of help. I just got new irons and my natural draw has become a fade to a slice. I captured my recent swings. Can someone here give me an idea of what I am doing wrong. Thanks in advance!
  4. Louis Oosthuizen -1 Jim Furyk E Tiger Woods E
  5. I am am happy to say that Yes I have bought both a Driver and Putter from 2S! It was very easy to find what I was looking for and I could not argue with the price or quality of the product I received! I will definitely be buying a new fairway wood and set of irons in the future from you guys! I have and would recommend 2ndSwing.com to anyone who loves golf and loves saving money equally! -Doug
  6. 1. Tiger Woods 277 2. Sergio Garcia 279 3. Louis Oosthuizen 279
  7. Okay, So i posted the last two videos the other day without a explanation(these were taken a couple of weeks ago after a two-month layoff). After taking a look at the advice that was left for me in September I went out to the net and started working hard on my address posture, spin-outs, and finally hip-slide. I feel like I am making somewhat progress and looking for any help on where to go from here. I shot my first 89 from Championship tee's on my home course last week and looking to break 85 by the end of the summer. I love this sport! Thanks in advance!
  8. 1. Bubba Watson - 277 2. Sean O'Hair - 278 3. Rory McIlroy - 279
  9. I can't begin to thank you enough. If you are not already a teaching pro you damn well should be(and I should be paying you for lessons!)! As the two lessons/analysis you have sent me have helped tenfold compared to the lessons I have taken previously! Anyway, I took the previous post to the range with me today and hit some of the prettiest shot I have hit ever. The knee visualization work I was able to create lag and the ball was blasting cleanly off the face of the club! Will update soon! But as I have said thanks for everything! Golf is becoming much more fun everyday! Doug.
  10. I have been able to practice the drills you posted for me on here and made some good progress. I would like to be getting a little more of a hip slide but it has improved a bit from what I can see. Thanks again. Below is the updated swing in a much higher frame rate.
  11. Thanks again for the illustration. They really have helped. I showed a lot of progress in my session yest and am trying to get out today to film a couple shots @ 240 fps.
  12. Hey guys, I have been searching the internet up and down for Junior size large golf pants (i.e. Nike Dri-Fit) available in the U.S.(have found them on european stores for a $53.00 shipping charge).Does anyone know of somewhere they can be found or if they any company makes a similar product to them anymore? Doug.
  13. Thanks bud. Ideally, where should my follow-through end up?
  14. MPS, Thank You so much for your quick and in-depth reply! The videos are great and will definitely help. Will give it the old college try and post an update soon! Doug.
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