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  1. scotton

    Dynamic Gold vs Rifle shafts

    I've played with both and I would say the main difference is kick point. The Rifles have a higher kick point and to me they feel a little stiffer. I don't care for Rifles in woods or hybrids, and usually go with S300s. I also prefer S300 for wedges but I think it's because I'm not inclined to learn a new flex profile after years of using the S300. 4-PW I do prefer Rifles. They feel a little more consistent from club to club.
  2. scotton

    How Long Have You Been Golfing?

    20 something years. And I don't believe golfing is a word, any more than tennising or footballing. Golf is a noun. And ing to a noun doesn't make it a verb. Are you currently interneting?
  3. scotton

    Landscaping ruling

    A lot of courses down here have the "native areas" or "environmental something or others". Some courses play them as a lateral hazard (mine) while others play them as a free drop. Either way, I wouldn't walk into one without a pistol or shotgun. Coyotes and bobcats and snakes, oh my. If your course is planting flowers or an herb garden, then like the man said, they are in play unless covered by a local rule or staked as a hazard.
  4. scotton

    is walking better than using a golf cart?

    It's funny you posted this because I was just about to post something similar. I used to walk all of the time, but at my current course the cart is included with membership, so I've been riding mostly. I like to play early in the morning, and lately I have been paired with a guy that I don't enjoy playing with. I won't go into details here and derail the thread, but all of the other members refuse to play with this guy. But every time I show up in the morning, he's there waiting for a partner. This weekend I pondered how best to tell this guy I don't want to play with him anymore. I've been thinking I need to walk more, so I decided I would walk during the week. There is no way this guy will play with a walker. So this morning I walked the back 9 (due to a tournament I couldn't play 18). I forgot how nice it is to walk. Birds were chirping, bobcat tracks in the dew on the fairway, the whole bit. And I played pretty good and got done in an hour and a half. I'm lucky that my course lays out very well for walking. A lot of courses don't. Also, at most courses, the pro gets a piece of the cart rentals as part of his compensation, so it's not in their interest to encourage walking. So I'm with you. Don't walk because "you're supposed to", but if you are under 60 and want to lose a few pounds (and maybe improve your golf) give walking a shot.
  5. scotton

    the nerve of some people...

    I've narrowed the seed spitter at my course to one of two guys. They are both marshalls and should know better. I'll figure out which one it is this week and ask him to stop. Actually, it could be one other guy, the guy that sets the pins. If it's him, I'll spend the next 3 months learning enough Spanish to cuss him out properly.
  6. scotton

    How hot is too hot to play?

    I've never actually felt that it was too hot to play. But you Canadians are so cute with your "oh, it's 15 degrees (59 F). Let's get the shorts out." My dad lives in Victoria, but he's still a real Texan. Expect to see him out there all summer long, basking on the empty fairways. And pray he keeps his shirt on.
  7. Gap Wedge. It's fairly new and the distance seems to be all over the place, usually short. First time I played with it, it was money. Hasn't been right since, so I think I've knocked the good shots out of it. Has a spinner shaft that I think kicks the ball up to high. I like to hit a lot of knock downs with the gap and this club won't cooperate with that plan. It is now in the closet where it will sit until it's time to give it to someone I don't like.
  8. scotton

    Smoking on the course?

    The thing is, bars where you can smoke attract girls who smoke. And everyone knows that girls who smoke are easy. Especially when they are drinking. Not to be sexist, that's just common knowledge. *This message brought to you by Winston. Come to where the flavor is.
  9. scotton

    How to figure out how far to the hole

    Bear in mind also that the "birdie books" were made by someone using a rangefinder. The old guys weren't better at judging distances than we are, they had caddies with local knowledge to tell them what the yardage was. So the "old fashioned" way would be to get a guy to walk the course for a few years and then pay him to lug your clubs around for you. I think I'll stick with the range finder. It smells better than most caddies and rarely drinks.

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