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  1. it is a training tool to help people put power on thier shots but it also helps correct slices/hooks. i want one really bad and they actually work and are fun to hit. go for it
  2. the best course i ever played was newport dunes. its just amazing. the salty almost dry sandy dunes with a lush bright fairway and green, just awesome.
  3. you guys were the last to take the indians land! jk
  4. sounds like were on the same page on almost everything, the combo set, golfballs, and good workable shortgame irons. except for the fact that longhorns are the best.
  5. i was playing in my first major tournament (to me) and landed my drive in the rough. it seemed like a simple 7 iron out but it had perfect trajectory and speed.... right into a tree. the trees then played pinball with it until it landed in a 2"x2" gap between the warden's cart wheel and a tree trunk. but i had to play it as it lie because it was on dirt.
  6. @ronbo thank you so much! i can even pick to drop my 6 iron and save 100 dollars because i never use it( (i am better with my 7) and i dont have to buy another 3 since i have a hybrid.. wow thanks sooo much now i can use that money to replace my old spalding wedge. and @ soonerfan i am thinking of heeding your advice and instead of going with mp58s ill include more 63s in my bag. (i find it harder to hit the 58s for some odd reason...) and i looked over your club list and i totally agree, odd number balls (especially 3 seem to play the best.. dunno why they just do
  7. TAYLORMADE BURNER rescue 3H it is AMAZING very forgiving and i can carry it 180 yards
  8. ok im a really good striker i just am right now ,IMO, not playing to my full potential due to the fact that i cannot work the ball. so if theres any news of a combo set of that has those irons
  9. ok well the 68s are looking sweet and a combo set would be cool with 7-PW in 68s (i REALLY want the 7 in mp68) and 4-6 in 63
  10. i was playing a short par 3 (130 yards) and decide to try and it my seven. i lifted my head and thinned it and hit left. it was traveling FAST and about 10 feet off the ground. at first i just was furious with myself until i saw it aiming straight for a tree about 15 yards off of the green. sure enough it hit the trunk and bounced to within 5 feet of the green which i putted in for birdie.
  11. just to give some background, i am currently playing PING g10 irons. i hit in the high 80s and lowish 90s. i feel that i could be playing better if i could work with my shot. my hits are usually pure but i cant adapt them due to the almost SGI nature of them. i have hit the mp63's and although they are aimed at single digit handicappers, i hit them perfectly every single time (6-iron hit 150 yards avg.) ok so i have heard mixed reviews about the 68's i like their look and weighting but am wondering how similarly they hit to the mp63s or is the decrease of forgiveness worth the increase
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