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  1. jshots

    2018 U.S. Open at Shinnecock Hills

    It looks like there are 92 players ahead of Tiger, so he needs 32 to drop to +10 out of a group of about 60 that haven't finished. Sounds tough but I count 29 that are between him and +6 yet to finish.
  2. jshots

    2018 U.S. Open at Shinnecock Hills

    Anyone else digging these microphones picking up all of the sound on the greens like the putt dropping?
  3. I read this a couple of weeks ago and was thinking about while practicing and at least anecdotally this has never been the case for me. I find that for "chipping" playing the ball further back results in more consistent contact and I'm not sure your point of simple geometry is accurate here. Sure if you move your hands backward to achieve the rear ball position you will steepen the angle of attack, but if you achieve it with a more extreme shaft lean where your hands remain in a similar position then your angle of attack shouldn't change all that much? It could be that a life time of chipping that way is the reason I chip better that way, but my thinking is that with slow club head speed of a chip, bounce is not your friend as it is in a pitch and reducing bounce creates better contact. What do you think?
  4. jshots

    PGA Tour's New Slogan: Live Under Par

    This one really sucks, I hope next year they switch back to "MASHED POTATOES"
  5. After dusting off my Titleist 695 CBs for the first time in 4-5 years I'm missing a PW. I figured rather than replace just my PW on a decade old set of clubs I would look for a decent set of less used clubs. So I'm looking for some tips on peoples favorite players irons over the past couple of years. Also looking to get a new (used (new to me)) 3 wood and 2-3 hybrid. Got any recommendations?
  6. jshots

    Tiger Woods Master Catch-All Discussion

    Arnold Palmer Inv is obviously expected but Valspar!? This dude wants to win again!
  7. jshots

    Tiger Woods Master Catch-All Discussion

    What are peoples thoughts on why the driver is so off? Also @iacas just curious if you notice increased traffic to thesandtrap.com when Tiger is playing.
  8. jshots

    1 wedge to rule them all

    You may be right about that, but every time I pull out a club other than the 60 im using a club that I don't know as well and therefore am less confident in hitting the right shot. Why not always use the club you're most confident in and focus all of your practice to make that club your goto. I would rather have a thousand reps with one club than 250 reps with four clubs.
  9. jshots

    1 wedge to rule them all

    I wanted to hear some thoughts on using 1 wedge for the majority of shots around the green. I find myself reaching for my 60 deg wedge for everything from a flop shot to a bump and run played a good distance behind my back foot. I find it so much more simple to develop muscle memory with one club than to try to learn distances and roll outs for 3 or 4 different wedges. I know a lot of people here used to preach the 12 shot program (lol), where you learn 3 shots with 4 different wedges to give you a repertoire of 12 shots for any situation. I think that is way more than necessary!
  10. jshots

    I say the Players a MAJOR! Let's discuss...

    I enjoy watching the Players far more than watching the PGA.
  11. Late April is right around the corner but if you haven't picked your stops yet... these are all Colorado courses. These should all be open by late April and you shouldn't need more than a sweater, but there is always the chance it could snow :P Be ready for courses with lots of slowly rolling hills and lots of elevation change if you go up into the mountains. +1 Riverdale Dunes in Brighton Colorado. Just a very cool course. +1 Fossil Trace as well. Has some really unique holes! If I had to tell you one that was close to Denver that you must play it would be this one. A few of my other favorites, these are mountain courses, all close to I-70. Ironbridge is a difficult but beautiful course about an hour from Aspen. Lakota Canyon Ranch has some of the craziest elevation changes you'll ever see in a course. 3 hrs from Denver. Redlands Mesa is a great course on the way into CO (or out) from Utah, in Grand Junction. Kind of far from Denver though.
  12. Considering this weekend, where do you think Tiger will go from here?
  13. jshots

    2015 Masters Discussion Thread

    This image was posted from a Protracer operator of Tiger's second shot on 13 today (why don't we got protracer on CBS?)
  14. Interestingly, none of those results would surprise me. I don't see him winning or even contending, but then again it's Tiger Woods.

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