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  1. Nice this is great, I tried something similar today to this and was totally able to produce a draw instead of my normal slice which is cool!
  2. Yes I have taken some serious chunks out of the ground recently. If you look at page 1, you left nearly the same comment on my swing 7 years ago. Its definitely ingrained. I don't feel unbalanced in my swing right now, so I hadn't really checked if my weight wandered back to my heels. But that was a big thing for me in the past and I'll make sure to double check that it is correct. Also is it necessarily bad to get closer to the ball or just hard to be consistent? Or something specifically wrong with the way that I am doing it? For example DJ drops his head somewhat like mine at the same point, and then even more after that. Rory on the other hand drops his head almost none at that point, and then a ton right after the transition. Is there something specifically different they do that makes their moves more repeatable or is it just the many thousands of hours of reps?
  3. Just bought a dozen Vice Pro Plus to try. Always played Pro V1x but who the f wants to spend much that on balls. The Vice feels great so far, although it seems to get damaged quickly.
  4. What feeling do you use to stay deep in transition? This is to get your path more "in to out"?
  5. This is a cool one to watch. And this quote: Reporter: "He loves the game?" Earl Woods: "No... it transcends love. He's addicted to greatness. He's addicted to being the best that has ever played the game"
  6. @iacas shared this with me a few years go when I was having trouble with balance and shanks. With your hands crowded into your body it could get very tough to return your club to the ball.
  7. Here is the path of the butt of the club through impact. I'm going to experiment with dropping my hands more from the top.
  8. Worked mainly on driver today because it is giving me the most trouble (still frequently slicing the ball as well as straight pulls), and I also started over speed training with some DIY speed sticks I made. I hit a few drivers to start with, averaging 107 mph with a peak of 113 mph. I went through the super speed training protocol #1. Came back to the driver and peaked at 118 mph, wtf. Continued to maintain 113 after that, so clearly I'm leaving some power on the table. A feeling that was helping me get faster speed with the speed sticks as well as seemingly helping with straighter ball flight was to think about pushing my left shoulder up into the air as hard as I can by pushing away from the ground with my left foot. Activate the glutes ;). It feels really good and looks good in the mirror when you do that in slow motion but is hard to translate into the swing. Need to discover what is causing my slice tendency, seems like it would be an over the top move but it isn't super apparent to me here. One thing that I'm super uncomfortable with is my ball position, I don't ever feel like it is in the right place.
  9. Take an extra club and make a 3/4 swing. I also like to think about the feeling of picking the ball rather than going down after it, which to me means I try to keep my head from dropping vertically as much as possible.
  10. Tigers newest sponsor - Orbit peppermint gum
  11. Yeah I think we are in the clear now. But they started 15 minutes ago.
  12. Announcers assuming this is in the books is so annoying with Koepka looking at a birdie on 18.
  13. I'm skeptical of anything these people say.
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