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  1. Advanced Shot Tracking By the PGA TOUR Next-Generation digital experience of every shot from every player. Pretty good user experience, they even show the ball flight in 3D, and many of the shots have a video highlight immediately viewable.
  2. Yeah it gives a reading on every swing all the way down to 20 mph and I don't know how accurate it is but at least is seems consistent. It reads about the same speed for a full wedge swing for me on golf and baseball settings. Obviously I don't really know how it works but the baseball setting seems to have a lower low end speed but doesn't pick up the higher speeds.
  3. Hey folks thought I should share this with you. I realized today that if you switch your super speed radar to the baseball setting - it will pick up speeds down to 20 mph (whereas normally it is only down to like 45 mph). So now you can at least get a little feedback on your 1/4 1/2 3/4 wedge swings from your living room. This is the radar I'm talking about:
  4. Where I live there isn't great access to a nice grass range. I found a good enough mat range, but after 2 months of hitting off of the mats I'm having a lot of shoulder pain and I'm thinking it may be because of the cheap rubber mats that are just sitting on concrete. I want to buy a strip to hit off of that I can place next to the mat, wondering if anyone has experience with mats like fiberbuilt or true strike and how soft they are? I know some of you guys do a lot of hitting off of mats.
  5. Lol I feel like I'm frustrating some people here. Let me be clear. I'm interested in Aimpoint. If I had unlimited time and money I would do it tomorrow, maybe I still will one day. The main reason I chose not to do it is that I'm already a fairly good putter and felt my money was probably better spent on a driving range card. I spent 30 min or so trying to measure grade with my feet, and I wasn't even close. I figured it would take a lot of practice to get that right for probably like less than 1 putt per round, and even if I could make gains with a lot of practice I felt like I coul
  6. I am not combining them at all, but my wording was maybe confusing. I just want to know if I tested a great AimPoint putter how well would they do on a test of measuring slopes on a green (not making putts). I said well enough to make a putt because assuming a perfect putt there is some room for error.
  7. Right, because this entire post wasn't asking for data so I could make a decision on where to spend my limited golf budget. The post is titled "Is there any non anecdotal aimpoint data?" and nearly every single post is "IT WORKS FOR ME, NOTHING WILL CONVINCE YOU!" I just want to know how AimPoint helps someone hole more putts. Looking at the few Tour Pros who use AimPoint they don't seem to be stacked towards the top of SG putting. Why is that? The math part is fine. You don't even need AimPoint clinic to use it. You can stand over a putt that you know is 2% and putt until
  8. I'm just skeptical when someone who spends a bunch of money to take a clinic claims its the greatest thing ever. Especially when they give you no data, and show people completely irrelevant optical illusions to prove why they are point. It smells of a manipulative sales tactic. I could be easily convinced, which is why I posted this thread... someone show me some concrete data and I would probably switch!
  9. To me this is the whole problem with it. You might as well wipe away all of the practice you've done reading greens and start from scratch if its all going to be a feel thing anyways. Learning to guess a 1.7 to a 2 with your feet... good luck with that. Learning to match your arm distance to a stimp for aimpoint express and figure out the stimp with any accuracy, good luck with that. I would be seriously shocked if any of the aimpoint diehards were hitting a very high percentage of slopes within a good enough accuracy to make more putts. Maybe it helps people get in the right vicinity wi
  10. On one hand he is only 2 shots above the last place. On the other hand he is tied with Luke Donald. I feel like if he keeps getting these sponsors exemptions he will eventually post something decent, and it would be a pretty cool story for him to make a cut. It's a good example of how far scratch golfers are from tour players.
  11. Here is my first few weeks, these are my maximum speeds recorded with or without the step. Awesome! This is with 3 days a week. It is still doesn't yet transfer over to hitting a ball. My average with a ball tends to be around 114 right now, but after I go through the training I am able to hit 118 repeatedly and as high as 122 w/ a ball. On a day where I hit driver without first using the sticks I start and stay around the 114 number. Another nice thing is I hit the ball a lot straighter immediately after doing the training.
  12. You've putt that to the test? And you sure can make some but can you make more putts that way? I guess it could keep you from something that you see and subconsciously try to adjust.
  13. I don't like the Jordan Spieth thing at all. I don't get how you could possibly hit a putt on line when you aren't watching the ball, but if it works it works. A drill I like for practicing hitting a spot is to lay down 2 balls in a fairly flat spot on the green 2-3 feet from each other and play billiards golf with them. So you hit your first ball into the second ball, and you want to try to make the second ball travel as straight as you possibly can. Practice different putt power, but always move the ball to within a couple feet.
  14. Its possible that I'm being a bit optimistic at exactly 200 yards :P
  15. Does anyone use game golf by tapping on your android phone? Apparently this works and it sounds more interesting to me than a dedicated device. Wondering what the drawbacks are. And a follow up, does anyone have an extra set of tags for sale?! :P
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