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  1. On one hand he is only 2 shots above the last place. On the other hand he is tied with Luke Donald. I feel like if he keeps getting these sponsors exemptions he will eventually post something decent, and it would be a pretty cool story for him to make a cut. It's a good example of how far scratch golfers are from tour players.
  2. Here is my first few weeks, these are my maximum speeds recorded with or without the step. Awesome! This is with 3 days a week. It is still doesn't yet transfer over to hitting a ball. My average with a ball tends to be around 114 right now, but after I go through the training I am able to hit 118 repeatedly and as high as 122 w/ a ball. On a day where I hit driver without first using the sticks I start and stay around the 114 number. Another nice thing is I hit the ball a lot straighter immediately after doing the training.
  3. You've putt that to the test? And you sure can make some but can you make more putts that way? I guess it could keep you from something that you see and subconsciously try to adjust.
  4. I don't like the Jordan Spieth thing at all. I don't get how you could possibly hit a putt on line when you aren't watching the ball, but if it works it works. A drill I like for practicing hitting a spot is to lay down 2 balls in a fairly flat spot on the green 2-3 feet from each other and play billiards golf with them. So you hit your first ball into the second ball, and you want to try to make the second ball travel as straight as you possibly can. Practice different putt power, but always move the ball to within a couple feet.
  5. Its possible that I'm being a bit optimistic at exactly 200 yards :P
  6. Does anyone use game golf by tapping on your android phone? Apparently this works and it sounds more interesting to me than a dedicated device. Wondering what the drawbacks are. And a follow up, does anyone have an extra set of tags for sale?! :P
  7. That was my thought too for the most part minus the driver carry distance chart which seems pretty significant. My current ball, Vice Pro Plus, comes in 13 yards shorter than the MTB-x, thats a whole club shorter approach! I think that is enough that I will at least give them a try.
  8. No sixes! I don't know if I've ever done this before but it was my lowest round since 2012! I would call it a great step towards my goal of breaking par this summer. This round looks a lot like my other rounds this year, the difference being that I turned my 2-3 worst holes into at worst a bogey. Blow up holes are nearly completely mental for me and also completely avoidable. Don't take the hero shot. Don't always take dead aim at the pin. I can nearly always get up and in in 3 strokes from within 135 yards, so worst case scenario find an angle to get within 135 yards. Even if I can only get within 200 yards, with a good lie I am still going to hole out in 3 strokes most of the time.
  9. Nice this is great, I tried something similar today to this and was totally able to produce a draw instead of my normal slice which is cool!
  10. Yes I have taken some serious chunks out of the ground recently. If you look at page 1, you left nearly the same comment on my swing 7 years ago. Its definitely ingrained. I don't feel unbalanced in my swing right now, so I hadn't really checked if my weight wandered back to my heels. But that was a big thing for me in the past and I'll make sure to double check that it is correct. Also is it necessarily bad to get closer to the ball or just hard to be consistent? Or something specifically wrong with the way that I am doing it? For example DJ drops his head somewhat like mine at the same point, and then even more after that. Rory on the other hand drops his head almost none at that point, and then a ton right after the transition. Is there something specifically different they do that makes their moves more repeatable or is it just the many thousands of hours of reps?
  11. Just bought a dozen Vice Pro Plus to try. Always played Pro V1x but who the f wants to spend much that on balls. The Vice feels great so far, although it seems to get damaged quickly.
  12. What feeling do you use to stay deep in transition? This is to get your path more "in to out"?
  13. This is a cool one to watch. And this quote: Reporter: "He loves the game?" Earl Woods: "No... it transcends love. He's addicted to greatness. He's addicted to being the best that has ever played the game"
  14. @iacas shared this with me a few years go when I was having trouble with balance and shanks. With your hands crowded into your body it could get very tough to return your club to the ball.
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