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  1. range balls

    Do range balls really perform worse than regular balls. I started slicing all my tee shots aging so i went to the range to work out the kinks. I got everything to straight again but i could barley push one past the 230 marker. On the course i have been over the green on a short par four that measure 292 to the center before and average about 280 i would say. Is this typical?
  2. I am looking at getting one of these clubs for the bag i'm a weekend golfer just looking to shave a few strokes. Whats the diffrece between a rescue club and a hybrid. I have been looking in the local shop and on ebay and see a lot of diffrent types. Have been looking at a TM burner rescue, callaway diablo hybrid, and have found a lot of TM raylors on line just wondering what would be a good chioce.
  3. club length

    I am new to the sport and I am wondering about the lenght of the clubs i should use I have a set of ping irons that my uncle gave me but i feel so hunched over when i used them. I bought a new taylor made driver and it was about 2.5" longer thatn the old one and it feels so much more comfortable. Do i need longer irons as well, I know i should go get fitted but cant afford to drop a grand on a new set of clubs. I am 6'4" just thinking maybe i can get new shafts installed or possibly find a used set that is longer.