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  1. I can see that curving the ball with the direction of the cross wind might get the ball farther away from the tee box (in the next fairway maybe). As an extreme example, one can hit a shot 90 degrees to the right in a left to right wind and get the maximum distance. It'd be like hitting a ball down wind. Still not sure why would it be closer to the green. When the pros talking about curving the ball with the wind, do they really fade the ball on a left to right wind? Or do they hit a straight shot to the left of the target and let the wind fade it?
  2. I've been trying to figure out the physics behind cross wind shots. I can understand and caculate the effect of curving the ball against a cross wind which makes the ball carry shorter and stop sooner. Does anybody have an explanation on how curving the ball WITH the wind can produce a longer shot? E.g. if one hit a fade into a left to right wind, the ball will land and travel sideways to the right. How does that make the ball rest closer to the green? Thanks.
  3. Yes, it seemed kind of stupid to me too until I saw my son's improvements. I used to give him strokes but this season we are even. Maybe my age is catching up to me It's definitely cheap comparing to the Swing Glove or the Tour Striker. My son doesn't wear it on every hole now that he's used to the feelings. He puts it on only when his swing is shaky or when he's got a tough lie. One thing I noticed when he let me try it on the putting green was that the feel of the putts were different. It's like I've found a new and better sweet spot. Every putt felt very solid and t
  4. MiniBlueDragon, When you said 'ulnar deviation', did you mean movements like and ? If so, I know the glove with a "joint". It's called "Dynamic Swing Glove". I used to buy them for my son every other months except during the middle of the summer when it's too hot to wear them. He wore them out at the thumb every time. It's kind of expensive to have to buy five or six gloves a year at around $30 a pop Now that he's supporting himself, he found a cheaper solution. I guess when your are spending your own money, you pay attention to the costs a lot more.
  5. My son has one. I saw him using it on the course many times. He originally got it to help with his slice. It seems to do the trick. Now he's hitting a draw with occasional pulls. I've also noticed that his short game got quite a bit better with it. He used to chunk/blade a couple of shots a round but seldom does it now. If you have any specific questions, I'd be glad to ask him for you.
  6. There is a reason pros wear shorts in hot days when they practice at home.
  7. Hi, I am an IT consultant. Love golf. Wish I can find more time for it...
  8. The weather in the north is just not good for golf. I think I will become a snow bird or move somewhere warmer...
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