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  1. I also see that this wedge is available in many different loft degrees and bounces. How do i know which one to pick? Say i wanted a wedge with a higher loft like at 60, how much bounce should it have? i know it depends on how you strike the ball, but how much bounce is too much, considering i dont have any out of the ordinary tendencies and needs?
  2. Thanks for that but do you have an answer for my question?
  3. Hello all, I was wondering what the benefits of switching from my cavity back wedge to a Titleist spin milled Vokey Wedge. I am a beginner and i know that cavity irons provide a bit more forgiveness at the expense of feel. I have never hit a blade iron, and i was wondering whether it would be worth to invest in a blade wedge and if the difference in feel and spin would be so noticeable and different to me to justify the expense. Would i find the blade wedge playable and an improvement or would it just hinder my progress? Thank you.
  4. Surely you should not bother about getting fitted until you have a consistent swing? And to get that you need some form of tuition! Get lessons man! Playing should not be a priority, first practice and then play will come easier.
  5. Hey guys i just wanted to know if anybody had these irons and what their thoughts were in terms of overall performance! Thanks
  6. Hello all I am a beginner who is just getting into golf and i was perusing the internet and auction sites and looking for a set of irons. I know there are different types of irons like cavity, hybrid and blade, however one thing i have noticed is that even between cavity irons there is a big difference in price. Some cavity irons can come up to 400£/660$ and some for 150$... Why? Is it just a brand thing? Thanks
  7. Understood. Thanks for the patient explanation!
  8. How do i know and decide which shaft flex to get? What are the differences? Forgive my ignorance!
  9. interesting! if i were a millionaire with nothing else to do i would give it a go!
  10. Hello all... I was browsing the internet for a set of irons that wouldn't take me back hundreds of dollars and i found this set of Cleveland Launcher Combo Irons Do you think it is a set of clubs appropriate for a learning player? I seem to understand that they are quite forgiving and easy to control. What do you think? any other possible recommendations without spending millions? Oh and which golf ball would be most appropriate for someone looking for control and forgiveness rather than super distance?
  11. Thank you for the advice, I think that spacing the lessons one week from each other will be good for me!
  12. Hello all. I have just had my first lesson in golf where i was taught the posture, the grip and close game half swings with some putting as well. Tomorrow i am going to the driving range for the first time where I am going to be taught the full swing. I can already imagine that it is going to be a nightmare! Anyway i was wondering, how many lessons do you think would be necessary for me to learn the basics so i can be self sufficient on the course? How many hours of 1 on 1 should i have with the tutor before i venture out on my own? I realize that there is no magic number
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