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  1. same frustrations... damn "jobs" keep people from being in town or free when I am. apparently they cant all make their schedules like i can!
  2. i dont care how bad you are... just play fast. hack 15 shots on a par 3, i dont care, just keep up the pace.
  3. How to visually measure distance?

    the only way you will get a feel for it is to look up the yardage via fairway/sprinkler heads, or GPS/laser, and visually assess it. then walk up to some shots, estimate, and double check with real yardages. i dont bother guessing more than 25 yards off a marker though, so from 75 yards to 225 i can guess well enough based on fairway stickks... but even then the GPS app on my phone shows im off by a club length sometimes
  4. 50 things every golfer should do

    Break a club in anger? wasnt there a thread mentioned how stupid that is? Shook hands with Jack and told him where the bathroom was when i was working at a restaurant :)
  5. Driving Distance

    dont forget the courses with well off yardages... or ones that read to the BACK of the green from Tees. Played a course today, no real doglegs etc.. everything was off 20-35 yards when checked with GPS.. Had one drive that went a legitimate 306 via GPS tracking... if i went by course yardage id be bragging about a 340 bomb.
  6. thats what sucks about the shanks... you can have a great swing thats off by 1/2" and it shoots right.
  7. sand traps with little to no sand.

    --practiced hard sand and compacted sand shots to that of the fairway? what does that even mean. did you mean that you practiced as if they were on fairway?
  8. Diagnose my ball flight

    chances are you are flipping/casting. focus on taking a full or even exagerrated follow thru to keep you swinging thru the ball and not at the ball. suffered the same thing myself for 2 months this year.
  9. sand traps with little to no sand.

    same here. im lost
  10. Driver distance vansihed

    when i dont force a full follow thru i lose a ton of yardage. today and yesterday i forced a full follow thru and hit 5-7 drives over 300, drove thru a green 310 out also. when i dont force a full follow thru i get maybe 265, and a whole lot more duck hooks and casting problems because i release to soon if im not thinking about finishing.
  11. ive been pulling too.. but my divots go right at the target. ball starts a little left then finished way left. so i think i have the club face way closed at impact somehow. any drills to keep the face square at impact?
  12. D2 Feels are great, i lvoe them. putt well, long, straight, and check up well. i have a few of the Distance ones now... they go long, but hard as a rock and dont check and bite at ALL. hit a 7i into a green from a tee and it hit and rolled off the green... uphill! rolled a good 15 yards. the Feels woudl have stopped in 2-3 yards. Ive never hit a maxfli i like tho.