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  1. I play a tight tree-lined 6400 yard par 71 course that I joined last July. Spraying my driver has cost me a bunch of strokes since missing the fairway generally means punching out with no shot at the green. Had the best back side since I joined (+2 37 at an 11 index) last week hitting my R11 3 wood with an 83 gram Blueboard off every tee after a terrible front 9 driving the ball, which kept me in play. I can feel the head during the swing with my 3 wood and feel like I can square it up since it's not a "balloon on a stick". Since then I purchased a used R9 420 cc head with whiteboard at 44.5", and after a few range sessions and adding some weight to the head (about 10 grams from stock setup), I'm really excited about taking it out. I am 5'10" and do not need a 46" driver by any means, and the newer heads seem lighter in addition to longer because of these crazy long shafts. I have a fast transition and can get quick, and for me, a smaller heavier head just feels a lot better, if I play a stock setup. I feel more confident swinging a shorter heavier headed driver, personally. Big fan of the ability to add weight to the R9 head, by the way.... a lot of the newer offerings are designed to play at 45.5-46", and if you want to play a shorter shaft, the swingweight gets all jacked up.
  2. Check out the Adams F11, doesn't get as much press as some others but it flat out performs. It was the clear winner for me when I hit pretty much everything at a demo day a few months back.