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  1. I think JB Holmes swing is junk. It looks terrible. It's very tight and unflexible. He has that flat take away and doesn't produce good body rotation. He has a very weird approach to his shots with the club rocking back and forth and he always "steps out of the batters box". IMO the 2 FBR's are the only tourneys he will win.
  2. I'm a 90s 100s golfer but I have been just pure $h&^ with my irons and other parts lately. Does taking time off help with correcting the issue? I am so digusted almost angry that I am thinking about taking a large amount of time off. Maybe a few weeks and reevaluate myself. I shot a 60 and I wanted to quit right then and there. Im beginning to think you need to approach golf like life. Stick to your strengths stick to what you are good at and avoid things you are bad at.
  3. I was wondering if anyone struggled with this and if so how did you overcome this. Sometimes I feel like I get lazy or complacent and use more upperbody than lower. When I practice my swing in the basement when I use my hips to start the down swing or activaly move them more it seems the hands and club head really come through square regardless of your backswing. ANy thoughts would be great. Thank you.
  4. I have a weak grip and move my back foot to early and my head can move? These things can contribute but where is the ball hitting on the club face? Just wondering is it even hitting the club face? Is it really low and really open? Almost a shank to be honest, but still kind of going that way. I am going to a more neutral grip which seem to close the club face more and I am moving my ball position around a bit more like 6i on up to 3i I have it more in the front of my stance which seems to help more. Anyway whats up with my hacking arse?
  5. I was wondering if any of you do any particular stretches to gain more flexibility. I usually take one arm across the body to make sure to stretch out the shoulders. It does seem to free up some range of motion. Any other ideas or stretches?
  6. So how did he get his flexibility? For a guy who has limited flexibility EG 3/4 swing for all shots and sometimes even less, I've got to know! Thanks!
  7. Thanks for participating in advance. I have a weak grip been playing that way for a few years. Don't have to motivation to change this golf season, anyway this is what I want to know When I play a strong grip I get a lot more yards on each shot, maybe 15 yards+ but the accuracy isn't there so I decided to stay with my fade. Anyway my real question is this. How do the players on tour who cut the ball compete? Obviously from my small sample, "ME", I just don't see how these players could afford to lose yards like that and still compete with the guys who can do both. The fade/cut shot s
  8. I agree he has a very ugly swing. He seemed to bring the club across his body on his swing while the elbows broke. He wasn't firing that clue out to 2/3 oclock like the good pros do. It was very weird imo
  9. Chi Chi Rodriguez is in the HOF. He has 9 career PGA wins and 24 senior wins or around those numbers. I think it's possible. Ben Hogan played "the Open" championship once, that doesn't seem to hurt him. Atleast I think it was once. If Kenny Perry wins 15+ and then goes on to have an awesome senior career I think he will be in.
  10. I just like how it holds up in stressful situation. He was in the rough at the Kapulaui (SP?) and just trusted his swing, didn't get quick and let the swing unfold. He ended up making a beautiful shot. He seems to do that more times than not. After watching today I really like Nitties putting stroke. He sets up fairly hunched and has a really flat lie angle on his putter. It just looks very pretty.
  11. I like McCord he has been around a while and has always been like this. He is very knowledgable and intresting.
  12. In my opinion he needs to work on this swing. He needs to get as far away from Butch Harmon.
  13. Ben Curtis sure does have an ugly swing. Good call.
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