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  1. My NEW 5 iron is going the same distance as my old 7wood. Yes. Ok. So I went and hit a ton of 20* / 21* hybrids. Nothing really worked well for me. Tried them all. So I went over and tried some 7 woods. The technology has grown great since the 917f2 I had. I finally settled on the Callaway Speed 7 wood. Super easy to hit. Goes about 190ish. Thank you all.
  2. Hello Thank you for the quick response. I am playing (14): Callaway Epic Speed 9* Ping G410 LST 3wood Ping G410 5wood Titleist 917F2 7wood 5-PW Callaway Apex DCB 50, 54, 58 Ping Glide Forged Odyssey White Hot OG putter
  3. Good day all Swing improved a bit so I recently was fitted for new irons. Yay, out of the clunky super game improvement irons to the Callaway Apex DCB's. LOVE THEM. My gapping issue is that I now hit my 5iron about 170-175 yards. With the former set that was my 7wood (Titleist 917f2). The next up, after the 7 wood (the lpga club) is the 5 wood (Ping G410) and it fires on a regular basis at 200 yards and a bit more. So there is that hole between the 5iron and 5 wood. What to do? Hybrid? or ??? I know all y'all will be able to share opinions.
  4. Thank you all. I have the following in my bag: Driver - 10.5* - Taylormade M4 3W - 15* - Titleist 917 F3 7W - 21* - Titleist 917 F2 4Hy - 22* - Ping G400 5 - W - Ping G 50*, 54*, 58* - Ping Glide Forged My 3W and I are learning to be friends. Thank you for all your help
  5. Good day all I am curious (in learning mode). Would you carry one fairway wood and a driver with 4 wedges (50, 54, 58, 6x) or a driver, 3 wood, 5 wood and 3 wedges (50, 54, 58)? My bag has a 4 wood and a 7 wood along with 2 hybrids (4 & 5) and the 3 wedges.
  6. I am a fellow GI person. Working my way through to the 70's ... :) ... I have the G400 hybrids (4 & 5). I moved from some other, older, clunky hybrids. I found that if I think of them like irons and ignore the size and follow my iron path swing it usually is a good shot. Maybe that will help you.
  7. I am getting up in age. I am 57. I am hitting the ball better than ever. I average 225ish off the tee. When I get it well struck it is 250 to 260 +/- ... say 3 out of 10 drives fit here. My one, ONE, long drive was 298. All of those with the roll out. Other than that I am surprised when I hit past what my clubs are doped (data on previous excursion) at. I guess I am getting older. I just grunt or roll the eyes when I hear the big fish stories. :)
  8. MrFreeze


  9. We have what is called "Golf Expo" every spring. For the last two years I have gone and gotten the fitting for both my irons and my driver. It helps that they take the fitting cost off of my purchase. 🙂 They spent a great deal of time working with me and making adjustments to the shaft (multiple choices), the club head (on the irons - the lie angles), and watching me swing with my then current equipment. Yes. Do the fitting.
  10. I play one. I call it my "LPGA" club. 🙂 It is the Titleist 917F2 21*. I hit it about 200+/- consistently. LOVE it.
  11. I would go for the one that is most forgiving, longest, and sounds the best. If they are equal there, then I would go with the newest technology.
  12. Driver: 245 3W: 225 Hybrid: 210 4h: 180 5h: 170 6I: 160 7I: 150 8I: 140 9I: 125 PW: 115 50: 100 54: 80 58: 70
  13. Hello all 5 iron or 5 hybrid? Which and why? I have the 5 iron (Ping G) in my bag. Pretty much only used for punching out of trouble. Ready? Go.
  14. I have the 917D2. It measured 45" with the head on it. It is a regular flex with the Diamana Blueboard 70 (I think) shaft in it. I cut 1" off of it and everything straightened out and has gone long. After cutting it (the pro shop did it) I, at the recommendation of the Titleist fitter, put in the 14gram weight. That counteracted, so I am told, the weight that I cut off of the shaft. Went from hitting "spray drives" to mostly down the center. hit 251 and 274 yd drives yesterday.
  15. So here is my final setup... 5-Iron 38 1/4" 24.0° 6-Iron 37 5/8" 27.0° 7-Iron 37" 30.5° 8-Iron 36 1/2" 35.0° 9-Iron
  16. Went a you suggested. I had them put a half inch back on it. Smash it well. thank you.
  17. Go to your local golf place and try all of the clubs that you might wanna try, primarily for the shaft flex. See if the SR flex is good as you think it might be. Get a fitting and have a professional watch your and then make the recommendations. Just my 2c
  18. Go to ebay and look up the Taylormade Burner Bubble. Not much money, but seems to fit your parameters.
  19. I agree with all of the others. Get a proper fitting. For me? I was using the SLDR driver 12* with a Sr Shaft. I was hitting it a good 160 to 175 yards. I went to the Titleist Thursday event here in Sacramento. It is where Titleist gives you a free fitting session for what ever you are thinking of replacing. I wasn't thinking of replacing, but was curious. I went in, he watched me swing the club, said try this "catch the rain" (turning my hands over at the bottom of my swing). Ball went a little farther. He said - here try this. Then try this. Shafts, head, more shaft i
  20. I wondered about this very subject. I would hit one in 4 or 5 right down the center of the fairway. The others were equally as long, but who knew where they were going to go. Spraying to the right? Spraying to the left? Bah. I read where Tiger and Ricky, as you did, used the shorter length drivers. So I started messing with that by choking up (or is it down) on it and hitting several with my hands in that position. Trying to make sure that the swing was essentially the same. I took mine down to 44" (rather than 45) as it was 90+% of the time right down the gullet.
  21. Edit: My hybrid and 5 iron are at 24*. So after going through the bag here are my lofts.. Titleist 917 D2 Driver - 10.5* Titleist 915F 3 Wood HL - 16.5* Titleist 915F 7 Wood or 5 Wood HL - 21* Titleist 816 H1 Hybrid - 24* Ping G 6 iron 27* Ping G 7 iron 30.5* Ping G 8 iron 35* Ping G 9 iron 40* Ping G PW 45* Cleveland RTX 3.0 - 50* Cleveland RTX 3.0 - 54* Cleveland RTX 3.0 - 58* Directed Force 2.0 Putter Any issues in the gaps in the woods?
  22. Thank you. I do have a HL 3 wood and a 7 wood. 16.5* 3wood and 21* 7wood. My 5iron is 25*. My hybrid is a 23*.
  23. Thinking about this ... should I have an 15* and 18* fairway wood? etc?
  24. Good day all, I am interested in hearing about gaps between woods. My wedges are 50*, 54*, & 58*. My irons, Ping "G", are set in their respective gaps. What about my "woods" ? What is a common, best practice, gapping for the woods. I need a starting place. I have a 10.5* driver, 16.5* 3wood, a 21* 7 wood. My hybrid is 23*, or can loft it up to 25*. So should I, knowing that the distance is the real gap that I need to focus on, put in a 5 hybrid at 25* and leave my current hybrid at 23*? Should I put in a 5 wood at 18*? ??? Please be kind on the bashing that is about t
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