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  1. Yes. I bought the club from Golfsmith new. I have been using it since the fall of 2010.
  2. I just bought a new Ping WACK-E putter and it is rusty a little on the surface how do I fix or limit that from occuring? Thanks for any ideas or advise.
  3. Should you have the same size grip for every iron and every wood?
  4. I like my Nike Sumo 5000 but I wanted to know if I should update to something newer. What do you guys think?
  5. The Highlands of Elgin and Cantigy Golf Course
  6. God Bless America.
  7. thanks for the advice amd thoughts. im waiting to have a signature so u have to wait to see the rest of the bag.
  8. i do not have a gap between 3 and 5. I dont feel there is a big enough gap between the two. I could be wrong but...thats what I have.
  9. I have a Nike Dymo 3 wood 15deg.and Nike Dymo 5 wood 19deg. I also have a 3h Nike Sumo2 to replace my 3i. and I have a Nike Sumo2 5h to replace 5 iron. Is that set-up cool? I'm just wondering. Thanks.
  10. I liked the Nike NDS as a new player. But they are sort of outdated now.
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