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  1. Mia Hamm, Nomar Garciaparra, Brady Quinn, Darran Sharper, Jackie Joyner, Darren McFadden, and Rich Beem to name a few. It was a First Tee celebrity tournament
  2. Sorry to hear that. I broke mine totally in half right after graduating last year (ultimate frisbee), and im still struggeling to break 80 consistantly. Thankfully my college decided to keep me on scholarship
  3. I fluff my lies and move my ball from divots, rocks, hardpan, etc ONLY in casual rounds. And then only about 40% of the time. I also play collegiate golf, so obviously i have to play to the rules in the strictest sense in those tournaments. I just dont see why everyone gets so upset about people bending rules in golf. Sure, if they are doing it when money is on the line or the club championship it's wrong and you have a right to be angry. But golf is just a game to most people. The vast majority of them will never be good enough play in tournaments, (except the ones at the local $15 dollar course) so if fluffing their lies or moving their balls makes the game more enjoyable for them then i don't complain. Also, if someone is picking up your ball in the fairway or doing something else that irks you just politely ask them to stop. Works for me 95% of them time
  4. For me personally, i had to grasp and understand that to be really good i needed to limit the super bad shots. You can only be as good as your worse miss. So yeah, tour players miss greens and fairways, but the good ones...the ones making cuts week in and week out dont miss by much. When was the last time you saw Matt Kucher miss a green super badly? Or the last time you saw Steve Stricker drive it into the woods? Anyway, that's just my two cents and personal experience
  5. I keep throwing it around because you kept using them ;) Well, there doesn't seem to be any way for me to convince you i feel otherwise, so we will agree to disagree on this matter. Deal?
  6. i said i would be totally miserable. What does Tim Clark have to do with anything? If you cant prove your point without using red herrings, then just dont try. Please
  7. Actually it doesnt. I go through life believing i at least have a shot at winning whatever im doing. So im not miserable at all. Furthermore, I would be willing to bet that if you asked Tim Clark if he believed he had a shot to win the tournament he is currently playing in, he would vehemently say yes.
  8. First off all, I'm not Briny Baird. And frankly i don't know or care if he is happy with his position in life. As i previously stated, that's the way *I* am wired. So please stop with the red herrings. Briny Baird has nothing to do with how i feel on the subject. Secondly, i didn't say i was or wasn't miserable. I simply said playing 20 years on the PGA tour knowing i was never ever going to win would be miserable for me. So again, please stop with the red herrings
  9. I wouldn't do it. I play to win, and knowing i could never win would be totally miserable for me. I know this probably puts me in the minority, but its just the way im wired
  10. I became scratch in around 2.5 years, but i practiced a lot. I had never even held a golf club of any kind until i was 16. So i had to spend a lot of time practicing short game so i could catch up to my peers.
  11. Thanks! I always forget about the search function for topics lol
  12. I'm seriously considering picking up a set of irons on eBay, but im kinda nervous about shelling out $500 dollars on something that may not be worth a durn. So has anyone bought a set on there? How did that experience work for you? Thanks BTW, the seller has a 100% approval rating off of like 1500 votes.
  13. I'm having a terrible time keeping my face square through the stroke. I keep closing the face and pulling the ball (almost feels like im hooking it). Has anyone had the this problem? And if so, how did you fix it? Also, just an fyi, my stroke is sound. I've had that checked. I just need a way to quite my hands
  14. 185 yard 7 iron to 10 feet (missed the eagle putt!!!!)
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