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  1. Ernie Els quote on the belly putter at the Frys.com "As long as it's legal I'll keep cheating like the rest of them" ...... classic.
  2. 10 years ago we had Steve Jobs, Bob Hope and Johnny Cash - Now we have no Jobs, no Hope and no Cash!
  3. When a player records 19 under par for 3 rounds I think you have to question the Course. To me it is clearly not long enough for these pros, it looked more like a pitch and putt course!
  4. Just hope the weather doesn't get too nasty. Two years ago was such a disappointment to watch and thunderstorms are forecast.
  5. Looks like it could catch on - entertaining!
  6. What a finish to a tournament, great to watch. Well done Luke.
  7. Sergio’s time-out of golf hasn’t really done much for him. He can still be amazing from tee to green, but his putting? He needs to sort it out quickly as time is passing him by.
  8. Martin Kaymer has sacked his Scottish caddie, Craig Connelly. Seems a bit strange considering the success they’ve had together.
  9. Having read your replies looks like I am in a minority! With hindsight, Phil was happy for him to tee off at 18 – so no damage done. Just looked a bit strange to me the first time I saw it…
  10. Speed Golf - surely what Ian Poulter did on 17 & 18 (especially 18) must be wrong?
  11. Tiger obviously thought that he was fit enough to play and do himself justice. Why on earth would he fake injury?
  12. Westwood seems to have a life outside of golf - horse racing. He owns a racehorse called HOOF IT which won today at York, England at 7/1.
  13. Butch said something on TV about Rory not being at the TPC. Looks like Rory took exception and is now acting like a petulant spoiled know it all brat. Regards, Brian - If I ain't here I'm on my Golf Blog
  14. Rory McIlroy has just had a pop at Butch on twitter. If I'm too young to know if I like a course or not Butch is too old to coach...... #patronising #stuckinhisoldways Think Rory has embarrassed himself with that comment
  15. After today, injury or otherwise, Tiger really needs someone other than Sean Foley.
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