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  1. New Here and need a little advice

    You might want to go back and re read.... I was asking about my hybrid and 5 wood.... Never said anything about a driver.....
  2. grips

    I love my Lamkin Crosslines.
  3. Driver Help, PLEASE

    I have the 4dx with an Aldila regular flex shaft.
  4. New player- Hybrid and Woods

    I don't see myself playing in leagues anytime soon. All my friends play and I've always been interested in playing but I never could because I was so wrapped up in baseball. So far its been nothing but fun for me. As of right now I'm just playing for fun but I want to improve my scores. I've been shooting around 115...... Although that is not saying much because I haven't played a ton yet. I guess as far as this question goes I'd just like to give my self a good starting point. I don't want to be doing something completely wrong and get myself doing something I shouldn't be. I'm just looking for guidance on what I should have in my bag to start. Lessons are in the near future when school is over for the semester and I get back home.
  5. best putters?

    Agree with this completely. Cleveland putters are awesome. I LOVE my vp. They can be found for pretty cheap too. But it truly is what you feel comfortable with.
  6. Driver Help, PLEASE

    Here's a review on the Nike Dymo http://thesandtrap.com/b/clubs/nike_dymo_and_dymo2_driver_review Also check out the Nickent drivers. There inexpensive and perform awesome in my opinion.
  7. New Here and need a little advice

    Make sure you check out some of the Nickent drivers. They perform awesome and definitely wont break your bank. I know a few of people who play the cobra S2 and they swear by it. It all comes down to what you feel comfortable with.
  8. Are Grip kits worth it?

    It is definitely worth it. If you have it done somewhere it can cost anywhere from 25-30 dollars in labor alone. Then you have to pay for the grips, tape, and solvent. I've seen some great prices on ebay. You can get quality grips, solvent, tape, and the clamp for about $65. They are simple to put on too. Get a hook blade utility knife to cut off the old grip. Remove the old tape on the shaft; sometimes if its really stuck on there take a heat gun at LOW temperature and warm up the tape a little. It will come off easier that way. Next, put your tape on; leave about 1/2" extra to fold over the end of the shaft. Wet the tape with solvent, then plug the hole at the end of the grip and pour solvent in the grip and slosh it around. Pour the extra solvent out, slide the grip on, and align the grip alignment marker with the head of the club. Wait several hours, and your ready to go. It is pretty simple. Check out you tube videos. Hope that helps.
  9. New player- Hybrid and Woods

    That's a good idea. I thought maybe I should play for a while and then take lessons to see what I need the most help on. But maybe I should take lessons now so then I can see the correct setup etc. Thanks for the help. Any other suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks to the people who have responded already.
  10. Hi guys. Ive been reading a lot on the forum and have come up with a question that I haven't seen an answer too yet. I'm 20 years old and come from a STRONG baseball background. I've recently started playing and have become stuck. My short game is pretty solid which I'm surprised about. But I'm having trouble with the long game. My bag consists of: 10.5 degree driver 5 Wood 3-Hybrid 4-pw 56 and 60 wedge putter I'm having trouble with my woods and hybrid. I had a 3 wood in my bag but couldn't swing it to save my life. Do you think I should focus more on learning my 5 wood or 3 hybrid. I mean, can I get away with ditching one or the other? Or should I ditch my woods and just focus on my long irons until I learn the game? I'm sort of getting mixed signals from some of the other questions Thanks again!!!!