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  1. Much better results today, got off to a good start. Perfect drive down the middle, hit my second to 6 feet and made the putt for birdie. We played like ourselves today and although we did leak some oil coming in and gave a few shot away, we ended up with a second place finish in our flight (starting the day 2 shots back). After we were done, we were a little upset with the way we finished and felt we threw away a 1st place finish, but a team came in 8 shots better than yesterday and we ended up 7 behind them, so the couple of shots we pissed away really didn't effect the outcome. Can't
  2. Well, I've got a lot to learn. I didn't feel nervious on the first tee until I pulled my tee shot into the trees, then hit my second fat, hit my pitch short and made double on the first hole. My partner did basically the same thing. We struggled all day. Can't really explain it, we both played pretty good Friday during the practice round. I tried not to let what the other twosome was doing effect my game but it's hard when they are hitting it way past you every hole and made the turn 4 under. I guess on the up side, we will be split into filghts for todays round. I wasn't able to stay t
  3. I ended up joining the public course where my group have been playing for several years. The cost worked out to break-even if you play once a week, we play at least twice, so it was a no brainer. After I joined the other 3 in my group joined as well, one of them has kids that play and he got a family membership for only a couple hundred more. I've been looking at joining one of the local country clubs, although it's closer to my house I really can't justify about 4x the cost. I am playing in a tournament at the club this weekend and played a practice round yesterday and the course is nice and
  4. Just home from the practice round, a lot of great info stored. Really glad we got to play the extra round since I had never played the course before. A lot of doglegs with blind tee shots the you can get way out of shape missing drives on the wrong side. We played from the tips although we were told the some holes would play from one box up, hopefully the couple of par 4's that played ~450 from the back tees.
  5. I've never been one to play tournament golf except for the occasional 4-person scramble, but I'm playing in a 4 ball event this weekend at one of the local country clubs that I have never played. It's a 2 day event with a practice round on Friday, my question is during the practice round should I just go play or should I try to take some notes about the course, like where not to miss it around the greens, etc. What do y'all do? Both my partner and myself have been playing pretty good as of late, we played a 9 hole 4 ball match against a couple of guys last Friday and put up 6 bir
  6. 17th hole from the pier #2, par 5 #7, par 3 #17 from the tee, par 3
  7. Played Bloody Point yesterday morning. I had made the first tee time and after the boat ride arrived at the course about 45 min before my start time, but sinece I was the only one there and no other golfers were booked to start for almost 2 hours, I warmed up and had the place to myself. Although the course itself has been there sometime, it wasnt too long ago the the course was grown up with weeds/brush 3-4 feet tall. The re-design of the course kept the basic layout but did change some of the features, removed some traps, added some mounds, etc. I really enjoyed the layout on the course, w
  8. Played The Club at Savannah Harbor today, course was in great shape. Super fast green and whoever set the pins today was evil. Several of the greens have false backs, it that makes sense, the green slopes back to front but like a false front, the back ~15' of green falls off. Several of the pins were cut just of top of the fall off. Overall a pretty good day, 3 birdies, but 3 lost balls. Played much better on the back when I kept the drivers the bag and played more position. Ended up playing with the general manager of the Westin Resort and one of his pals, so he did give a few pointers on l
  9. When I bought my new irons for this year I got my wedges with low bounce (56/08, 58/06) because my home course 1) only has about a half dozen traps and 2) the traps usually play very firm. To get to the point, I'm making a trip to the Georgia coast and plan on playing a couple of rounds and both courses I'll be playing have a bunch of sand (and I'm sure it's nice fluffy sand) and I'm worried I may need a wedge with more bounce. I'm also guessing I'll have some bunker shot a lot longer than I'm accustomed to playing. I do have a Ping tour-S 56 with standard SW bounce but it's about 2 1/2
  10. I'm curious as to other than the players that compete in USGA events, how many weekend golfers will actually give up their long putters. These same golfers don't follow the rules anyway, poor drops for out of bounds, take gimme's inside the leather, move the ball if they don't have a perfect lie, so what's difference would it make if they use a long putter? I used a belly putter last season and when I went to it because I was struggling with my putting. It helped most of the year, made a bunch of putts. But, starting out this years was a different story and now I'm back playing a 35" pu
  11. Most holes that I've seen that seem to force a fade/draw from the tee will also allow someone to just miss the trees on the inside of the bend with a straight shot and still be okay, might be in the rough on the other side, but still playable. If the bend is more severe than that, it's a layup to the dogleg.
  12. I didn't ask, but their grand opening is the weekend before Memorial Day and I would hope they would have that done with time to heal before the big event. I'm playing the Wednesday after.
  13. I called and made my tee time at Bloody Point today. Green fee is $50 and the boat service is $49, so, a hundred bucks is reasonable. If my wife tags along it will another $49 for her boat ride and $47 for a cart rental so she can tour the island while I play. All and all pretty reasonable. Can't wait. I think I'll play my other round at The Club at Savannah harbor, should be in great shape after just hosting the senior tour event.
  14. I checked out Bloody Point and that looks really cool. Am I reading it correct in that when you make a tee time they will give you water taxi information? And is the water taxi service included in the green fees?
  15. My wife and I are going to Tybee Island the week after Memorial Day and I want to get in a couple of rounds while I'm there. I think I want to play The Club at Savannah Harbor but are open to suggestions. I'll be playing as a single, if that make a difference. Thanks in advance
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