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  1. Only one cure for Winter Depression.........never golf again and take up checkers. the game NEVER lets you down guys, TRUST ME. when time get tough (as they have) I just play checkers againsty myself. BOOM! instantly better
  2. I think its playing Beethoven's 5th......
  3. Geez I just wasn't wowed by the movie that's all.......tis the season to be hurtful I suppose *sniffs*
  4. Worst movie ever: Schindler's List. So lame. Just this doctor or whatever saving Jews the whole time, no plot, no point, no nudity wtf?!?!
  5. joo ever try that shit in your morning coffee. Makes the whole office more interesting!
  6. Tru Dat, brudda, bet let's not start that again. Kay?
  7. mine is...after a bad shot........goddamn mother****in **** bitch anal prober ***** faggot loser!!!****
  8. great. Cuz I'm winning a bid right now for a $125 tele used on ebay!
  9. so I should give up on my dreams of a pretty, well rounded girl who can sing, act, is successful, and can ejoy golfing and jam with me? Shit, man, that hurts.
  10. Shucks...you didn't have to do that!
  11. I just google'd '72 deluxe and found this badboy. I'm more suited to a squier affinity y'know. UNfortunately.
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