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  1. I dont think you really ever add or subtract majors they just happen... The PGA seems to be on the way out... maybe something new can replace it but you dont just decide to add a major and have it work the players has proved that.
  2. I have mixed feelings on this because I truly believe he should be banned from baseball but I also believe he should be in the HoF.
  3. As much as I hate Pete Rose... the HoF is not about being a good person.
  4. You don't think of it as sound that's why you call it feel but if you put on some ear protection and took a few swings with different clubs I think you'd be mighty surprised at how little difference in feedback through the shaft there is from club to club.
  5. Feel is an illusion, 90% of what people refer to as feel is just sound and unless you absolutely cant get used to the new sound it wont change the performance of the club very much.
  6. Something is wrong, the top 10 or so teams make a lot of money, the bottam 10 or so teams lose a lot of money, the middle gets by and the players take nearly 60% of revenue. The MLB system puts the other two major leagues to shame. MLB manages to keep a better competitive balance with fully guaranteed contracts and no cap. MLB also has far fewer real team killing contracts then the NBA or NFL. That of course is not the entire story, but perhaps that is for another thread. I was just trying to point out how amazing it is that as the NFL and NBA both spent their off seasons squabbl
  7. Tell that to the 17 teams Forbes listed as posting a net loss for 2011. The league as a whole is not losing money, but a fairly large portion of their franchises are completely unprofitable.
  8. I dont know how they do it but Baseball is the on major sport where it seems like their is balance. The NFL screws their players, the NBA loses money and somehow MLB just keeps getting better and better.
  9. I think use a driver, but use a high lofted short one.
  10. I loved watching Boston pitching themselves out of the playoffs it was great! And the fact that Papelbon put the last nail in that coffin made it that much better.
  11. I find the more I think about a putt the worse it turns out. My putting is solid overall but not a strength, I almost never 3 putt but I 1 putt even less. Anything inside 3 feet for me is pretty much automatic but from outside 3-4 feet I struggle.
  12. I think that is one way to be on top of things however not the only. That was always my approach, even in high pressue situations I was always just enjoying myself. It allowed me to do well on tests and especially in team sports. However you could replace enjoy with any number of words to get a similar result. I know people who simply ignored pressure or people who were seemingly immune to it. Some people I knew also played sports very angrily with success they made themselves hate their opponent to replace pressure with rage. Rage probably works a lot better in rugby
  13. Woods needed someone experienced who would not be starstruck and has been around the block a time or 10. LaCava needed someone who plays a limited schedule and makes the most of his practice time. This seems like a pretty decent match to me.
  14. The measure of "better" is going to be different for different people. For someone who hits off center a putter with more consistent distance across the face is going to be "better". For someone who leaves the face open or closed a putter with a different weight distribution tending them towards square will be "better". Ect. ect. ect. the best putter is the one you hit the ball into the hole with most and that changes from person to person. I think empirical data could certainly help people make more informed selections and save them a lot of money but it wont really find
  15. Yes because smoking is the only possible method to get nicotine in your system........... Some people just don't think.
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