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  1. I'm not blaming her for what people are saying to her. But she is making money and the cost is a rude comment here and there. She can quit anytime she likes and stop the abuse. It is sad that what people get up to on social media, but yes I do think she is a bit naive.
  2. She comes across as a very naive girl. She is selling golf equipment/apparel and gets paid $$$ to do it. She is not selling it with her talent. She was blessed with some beauty. Sure it's not nice when people say nasty things to you, but this is the social media/marketing game.
  3. Jin Jeong was /is one of the great young talents of recent years. He was the number 1 amateur in the world a few years ago. He has had his fair share of health and other issues recently though. http://www.bunkered.co.uk/golf-news/jin-jeong-whats-happening-to-the-amateur-champ http://www.aussiegolfer.com.au/hes-not-allowed-to-see-his-girlfriend-because-the-female-influence-weakens-him-hes-just-a-very-sad-boy-at-the-moment/
  4. Be careful in assuming that Phil's life off the course is that much better or fulfilling than Tiger's. The little bit we know of these guys' personal lives is nothing. For all you know Tiger could be a very happy man off the course. He is young and time heals all wounds. He could still have a great happy relationships with even his ex-wife, though in a different way.
  5. Welcome to my world :) Line it up to the target, get over the ball and as soon as I get my head down it looks like I am aiming 50 meters left. It's something that you just have to get used to in the long run. Do you also find that puts always look like they break more right to left than what they really do?
  6. this probably the worst major champs i can remember
  7. fantastic golf course this
  8. Interesting points, but over the course of 4 days there were thousands of balls at rest in positions with much more severe slopes, and those balls never moved. Balls don't just move, we all know that. Without wind, it requires insane slope and green speeds for a golf ball to just move by itself, no?
  9. Bit off topic, but the young lad getting roasted by Brandel Chamblee afterwards was awesome. I have always been jealous of people who can speak that well - live television, getting grilled, mega pressure, but still manages to speak sense and getting their point accross. I wouldn't get a word out in a situation like that.
  10. Justin probably got a bad break there, but FFS, it's clear as day that they applied the rule correctly. That's the thing with rules, they are there for a reason. If one makes a rule it has to be applied under all circumstances, otherwise the whole rulebookgoes tits up. Also, I think the USGA did OK. IN hindsight yes it could have been handled better, but it aint that easy. They took their time until they found they got it right. Kudos to them for having the balls to apply it correctly.
  11. more bogeys needed, this is still proper boring tbh
  12. Lowry sh*tting himself, will probably be all downhill from here
  13. so much for the course being tough, don't really look all that tough tbh. bit of a sh*t course in my opinion.
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