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  1. Who else sneaks on the golf courses?

    false, the manager is NOT allowed to give out free green fees.. but look, he gave the kid a break... but it's still considered "sneaking on" if the district manager came and asked.. so you're wrong, he was given false permission.
  2. Who else sneaks on the golf courses?

    so for all those still following this thread... do you realize how much of hypocrites you are(not all, but most of you)? i havent been on this thread for over 1 year, and when i come back to read it.. i've realized something.. i ask a question. "who else sneaks on golf courses"... then all you guys give out your own opinions on how you think i'm wrong.. well hey, i didnt ask for your damn opinion did i??? i specifically asked "Who else sneaks on golf courses".. so number 1, you hackers dont understand a question. number 2, you guys are hackers! holy crap! talking shit like you seriously can have a decent birdie chance on every hole.. third, I'M the internet thug... ME??? hahahah you hackers must be a clown! for the redneck that said "i got plenty of equipment from the hood" talking about his little ***** ass guns and weapons...you're a ****ing coward bro. ill bring a golf club to a gun fight and ill shoot you with your own gun. anyways.. just a message to everyone.. DONT CLAIM TO NOT BE SOMETHING YOU ARE... i'm not claiming anything except i know for a FACT i'll kill most of you in a skins game, and i know for a FACT that most of you hackers have more mental and physical problems than i do.. so i suppose you hacks somewhat have the right to talk shit, cuz you can't do shit otherwise, litteraly.. and before anybody else continues to talk nonsense bullshit about how i'm an idiot, remember, i'm in san jose, california. i'm DOWN to play a straight up match play for money if necessary. i'm pretty much a scratch golfer, but i'll give strokes, i'm not an unfair dick head. now, continue...
  3. Who else sneaks on the golf courses?

    How about you come to California, choose ANY golf course you like... ANY. And we'll play for $200 a hole.. i'll even give you a stroke on each hole.. il even let you play from the ladies tees.
  4. Who else sneaks on the golf courses?

    surprised? that's not surprised.. being surprised is when you come home early from work and seeing something you dont wanna see at home with the wifey!! that's a surprise!
  5. this is true, yet it must be the same towards irons, drivers, wedges... so why does everyone including 20+ handicappers to get rocketballz, or titleist 712, or taylormade MB....? you can't hide from the fact that everyone wants name brand because they have the most PROFESSIONALS using them..
  6. upgraded from a scotty to this? you must've been using the scotty bullseye putter.
  7. 6'3.. i play only 1/2 inch long... and i play a 44.5" driver.. but my irons are 2 - 3 degrees upright.. wedges are 1 degree upright.
  8. Who else sneaks on the golf courses?

    You must have me mistaken for someone else... i would never try to apply at a hacks golf and country club...
  9. Who else sneaks on the golf courses?

    so to answer my original question i guess only 2-3 guys sneak on to golf courses huh? cool.
  10. Who else sneaks on the golf courses?

    and have you noticed how the 8 and below handicappers aren't talkin as much shit as the 15+ handicappers? so either i'm proving a point. or more Actual fuckin PLAYERSS(aka STICKS, aka scratch golfers) should be talking more shit to me! i know that scratch golfers over here run their mouth about how good they are. and it's cool...they can. because they arent scared to hop on the course to prove it. see what im sayin? but seriously... this forum gots to step it's game up!!
  11. Who else sneaks on the golf courses?

    dude i didnt mean to scare you i swear! especially if you're a fourputtin hack. but anyways. i joined this shitty sandtrap to sell my Honma clubs but this place sucks ass anyways. Actually. i joined here to sell my clubs, and also maybe help some pussies that are scared to hit the ball. you know.. like hit DOWN instead of scooping it. put some fuckin ass into it. spank tha motha fka! now you might be wondering how a ghetto bastid like me learned to play golf.. easy. i did it because this sport is the only one that allows you to carry 14 weapons in your car without being arrested for it!! hahahahaa. and heres a actual question for you, Fourputt. Why cant YOU ban me, if you're "forum leader". or is that there just so you get that much less respect from others? "ITS NOT ABOUT WHAT YOU KNOW THESE DAYS, IT'S ABOUT WHO YOU KNOW."
  12. Who else sneaks on the golf courses?

    that's what im talkin about. work the system...kinda.. wsup dude lets go cougar huntin'!!
  13. Who else sneaks on the golf courses?

    it is what it is guys! Yes, i agree im a fucking hoodlum. i was raised in a neighborhood where saying NO would be an automatic ass beating. you guys are damn lucky you have honest parents that worked so hard for your well being. No doubt my parents raised me damn good too, but they also ttaught me to stand up for myself and do what i honestly think is right. this is a personal problem, but i've given the city, the government, the state, way too much money than they even deserve to see. now this conversation is getting to a point where its all about knowing the person. But it's whatever, i see you guys as just a lame golfer because you guys are too old or too weak to play any other sport, i probably am getting that image of me too. but i dont give a rats ass about any of you. i'm just fuckin bored talking shit and you guys bit on it. HARD too. i love it. because i know 90% of you will not do shit if you guys were confronted by another. i BET your ass. when you're raised in the hood...you TAKE something if you want it. the government needs people like me to keep the world moving. trust me on that one. on the other hand... bitches love golfers that look damn good while golfing. LOL
  14. Who else sneaks on the golf courses?

    i dont know what you're talking about.. i get plenty of respect from older golfers because i know how to play golf and keep it together. you probably dont get any respect cuz you straight up suck. this goes to everyone too--i'm not saying you cant, but its pretty damn immature to talk shit to someone when you know nothing about them.. what are we doing--a fucking pokemon battle? yeah keep the replies coming.( P.S. i'm actually taunting you guys, meaning if you do reply talking shit, you are the biggest, baddest, most feared man in the web on the internet!)