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  1. Hahaha your kidding right?? Come live in Australia it gets upto 45*C+ which is 113*F+... our winters aren't that cold either = Good golf all year round except if you can't handle the heat
  2. Bright Blue Nike shirt Kaykee coloured tailored shorts My reel-fits + titleist hat When i was down the range today i had navy blue b-ball shorts on and a Madball T-shirt (hardcore pride worldwide!)... old people hate it, but i was comfy
  3. You expect all putts to drop don't you??? You don't stand over the ball saying/thinking "this isn't going to drop" or "i can't expect to make this". Iacas is right, you know the chances of making the putt maybe low or you think the putt is hard but you still believe you can make the putt & you do everything you can to make the putt. Negative mind sets are bad for your game.
  4. True, none of their clubs look like experiments, maybe the AP1's with the red. Their woods look traditional, wedges are a great shape & look like they work. Putters are sweet, except the detours, what happened there?
  5. BLADES!!! + the new callaway X-22 Tour look good, never liked cavaties but they almost had me sold until the Z-B's came along. The best looking irons would either have to be the X-Forged or the 695MB, i don't think that anything on the market today or anything that hase previously been on the market looks better than these.
  6. Don't get a 58* save yourself the pain & just grab a 50* which you could even get bent to 51* if you wanted it closer to your SW or a 52 bent strong to 51* My wedges are bent strong to even though it says 56 & 52 in my signature there actually 51 & 55
  7. I just threw up, Yes! putters are the worst thing that ever happened to golf. They look like experiments, the feel like crap, they don't roll the ball that well, they are useless on greens that aren't it top condition, there balance is way off. Scottys on the other hand have negative bounce, so you don't set up with the putter face closed, are perfectly balance & the circa '62 are milled from carbon & feel soooooo good. They aren't over priced they just aren't made in china & the price sorta makes them exclusive & stops you from damaging them - The grips on scottys are even specifically made
  8. So say you hit someone on a golf course with ball or your club during your swing (not throwing it) & your give them a TBI (traumatic brain injury) and they need care for the rest of there life, who pays you or the gollf club or is there some external body that looks after this. What happens if this happens at a PGA tournement?
  9. If i was playing a comp or tournement i would rather walk and have a caddie in a tournement. But if it was a social round carts are fine.... puts me off not having time to think, chat and walk in a tournement (even though your not alowed to cart it in a tournement.
  10. - Ducks (****ing annoying) - Crows - Rabbits - Dogs (every now and then) No there is no kangaroos or koalas :D
  11. Get a 56* vokey + thats your best bet no matter your handicap. You may want a more forgiving gap wedge, or pitching wedge if your not confident hitting vokeys (which are blades) as gap & pitching wedges. Dont get a lob wedge, save yourself the hassle
  12. Ahhhh... Its actually called a 'stimp' meter.... Yeh that took me three years to work out. You learn something new every day How it works: The Stimpmeter is an aluminum bar, 36 inches long, with a V-shaped groove. The ball release notch, located 30- inches from the end that rests on the ground, is designed so that a golf ball will always be released and start to roll when the Stimpmeter is raised to an angle of approximately 20 degrees. The distance traveled on a flat portion of the green in feet is the number given. This is an average of several greens.
  13. How the hell do they work this out? i have been playing golf for 3 years and i have never looked it up, i have a general idea of what the ratings are but is there a tool i can buy to do it or what? - I might search this in google ey?? How fast are your clubs greens during club championships? (sorry if this has been done before)
  14. You'd get a bad rap in the clubhouse from your playing partners & once branded as a cheater etc. even if you didn't do it, you have that reputation for the rest of your life.
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