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  1. I dunno Gerald... I'll be listening in for the answer myself! I am having similar problems. At first I thought I was simply having alignment problems. So I slowed down my pre-shot routine and really concentrated on that one tiny blade of grass 8 inches in front of the ball as my psuedo aimpoint. So nope... it's not alignment. I'm definitely pushing it left, just like you described. Then I try to compensate for it by aiming 5 degrees right.. and yep.. you guessed it... that's when I hit it straight. *Sigh* Such a hard game! I'll shut up now and eavesdrop for the advice ever
  2. At age 52, and not having played much in the past 10 years?? You need PGA Master Professional Don "The Swing Surgeon" Trahan. He teaches at Old South Golf Links in Bluffton, SC between Savannah and Hilton Head. PGA Tour player D.J. Trahan is his son.
  3. I can beat that last post. I go to a nearby driving range in the colder months because it's one of the few who have indoor/heated hitting areas. The yardage markers are all jacked up. I don't know who put them out there, but apparently that person doesn't know a darn thing about golf. The hitting stalls all point toward the center of the range in a gradual U-shape. But the yardage markers are in straight lines. So I end up having to do TRIGONOMETRY to figure out my distances... and I'm usually off by at least 15 yards. It's times like those, I wish I had the ability to walk out on the
  4. Sorry, none of those are it either. Maybe the product never "caught on" and it doesn't exist. I suppose I'll just make my own. Thanks for the feedback all.
  5. No. That's not the product I saw. Forgive me if I'm wrong, because I've never held a TR3 SpeedStik in my life, but isn't it weighted??
  6. I'm 37 years old... and picked up the game of golf at age 32. I never had the luxury of playing golf in my youth. I'm a firm believer that if I had, I'd be a better golfer today. As is.. my "in control" club head speed for the driver is somewhere in the lower 90 MPH range. My goal is to gradually bump up my club head speed over time, and eventually have a CHS in the lower 100 MPH range. I want to find a pre-round training aid that will help my body promote fast-twitch muscle fiber responses (muscle memory). I want to swing the driver FASTER, not HARDER. And psychologically, that i
  7. I've been told by an experienced golf fitter that the best driver shaft selection for my physical body measurements, m swing and my 92 MPH CHS is a Matrix Ozik XCon 6 R-flex, cut to 44 inches. My current driver has a Matrix Ozik XCon 5.5 S-flex. Apparently the 5.5 is especially made for Taylormade to put in their r7 Limited drivers from 2008, because I can't find a shred of data on it. Looking at the specs for a stock length XCon 6 R-flex as follows: Weight 67.5 grams Torque 2.5 Launch High Spin Low Length 46 Tip OD 0.335 Tip PAR 3.5 The problem I'm
  8. Well after watching it on The Golf Channel last night, I feel somewhat redeemed. I walked 36 holes, Bandon Dunes + Pacific Dunes, carrying my own bag. They wrre using caddies. So when this guy pulled off his socks after the first 36, and there was BLOOD, I literally laughed out loud! I had blisters, but no blood. What a wuss. hehe They did impose some gentleman's rules between him and his playing partner in order to finish before sunset. No practice swings were taken, and gimme putts from within 3 feet. Which was smart, because they would've never finished.
  9. I can't hit my drives 264 yards. That is amazing. But I think Tiger's best iron shot was the 8-iron from 185 yards -- wasn't it in the 2008 US Open? -- from the adjacent fairway, over the trees, to a peninsula green.
  10. 22-ish handicap. But I am fairly "dialed in" with my 8-iron from 138 yards. I'd take that shot any day, over a 'tween shot from 70 yards.
  11. Anyone else seen the promo's for this? If not, here's a short video clip... http://www.thegolfchannel.com/golf-i...?select2=14353 Having played Bandon Dunes, and Pacific Dunes (36 holes) in a single day, I know how difficult an endeavour this really is. I might have been able to squeeze out 48 holes, but 72?! For one thing, if he is planning to carry his own bag (like I did), he is in for a world of hurt. After 36 holes, my feet were SCREAMING! The walkways and steps, which are all over these courses, are made with railroad ties and salt treated lumber. Which, for me, did a number
  12. Thanks for all the advice, guys. I do have a preshot putting routine... but sometimes I neglect it if I'm under time pressure. I'll have to stick to my routine, no matter what the putt is for. It will, however, be hard to resist the urge to take more time on a birdie, or maybe even an eagle, putt. While you say 'a putt is a putt is a putt' -- at my handicap level, having several birdies on my scorecard would give me all sorts of confidence... regardless of the 90 as a total score.
  13. VERRRRRRY interesting!! Come to think of it, 70% of the holes on this particular course must have been cut by the same idiot. Most greens had a "volcano" around the cup, which changed the direction of the ball in motion by as much as 3 inches. I'm not sure what causes that, because I have personally never cut a new hole location in a green before. Thanks for the information.
  14. I'm playing at a 22.5 handicap index. But I hope that index will be taking a drastic nose dive very soon. I just got done with a 10-round lesson package via GolfTEC and my latest golf score looks much better. On my last round of golf, I had 6 putts for birdie. Which, for me, is quite impressive. I didn't make any of those putts, unfortunately. (On four of them I 2-putted and saved par, on the other two I 3-putted for bogie) My concern is that while I want to sink more birdie putts, I don't wish to fall behind pace either. I dislike having the foursome of golfers behind us breathing do
  15. WOW! Looks like a sweet iPhone app. How did you set up the iPhone to take the down-the-line shot? Did you put it on a tripod? If so, how was it attached? Obviously, with a 20+ HP, I'm not about to analyze your swing... but keep practicing....
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