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  1. Copaman

    UEFA Final

    That's about what I was thinking it would be. If Barca win, it won't be a rout IMO. I would be very surprised if Man U won flat out and not by PKs or something.
  2. Copaman

    UEFA Final

    Wouldn't Chelsea be more like the Yankees? They're the right color and buy all their players, just like the Yanks...
  3. Copaman

    UEFA Final

    I think the game will end up being Barcelona vs. Fergie. As has been said, Man U is not the better team in the competition. We don't have a lot of big names. We have a few guys who are in great shape right now and one of the best coaches of the modern era, and that is the game that Man U will play in the final I think. I think it will be interesting to see how Fergie plays the boys against Barca. Honestly, I believe that so long as Scholes stays on the bench, we'll be okay.
  4. Exactly this. Especially when I was playing golf for my high school. Kids would have (insert brand here)-everything. The bag, the clubs, everything. And every single one that was like that was a tool. Get over yourself... you play golf for your high school, good for you, you aren't sponsored by Nike or Callaway or Titleist for damn sure... and your game isn't even good enough to back the clubs up. I play a Callaway driver, Nike wood, Titleist irons, Cleveland wedges, and a Ping putter. I play those clubs because I like the way they feel and because I play them well. I guess if it's an entire set of Callaways or w/e that does that for someone, good for them, but I bet at some point they were persuaded by their favorite tour pro or various commercials or "statistics" that ALL of the clubs Callaway makes are the best possible clubs out there for them
  5. This thread has gone from being a thread about Steve Jobs not enjoying golf, to a thread about a few guys well educated in computers arguing about Macs. On one side, there are Apple supporter and on the other, a guy who has numbers from one specific place in the world to back up his claims in addition to people who flat out mock Apple. I mean, I'm a PC user at the moment (but well educated in the art of Mac-Fu) and a lot of the arguments presented by both sides are valid, but uhhh... guys, can we not? I think that golf is a wonderful game and those who choose not to play it are missing out on something awesome, Mr. Jobs included. Not to mention, with all that money he has, he could get to play all the great courses out there AND the breathtaking ones as well. Sometimes they are one and the same. P.S. I heard that when Steve Jobs wants to pay Crysis 2, he uses a PC. ;)
  6. Copaman

    UEFA Final

    Manchester United vs. Barcelona May 28, 2011 (if this date is wrong, I'm sorry - going off the top of my head, so it's close, but might not be the actual date) Man U has been in great form recently and I've been a huge fan since I was old enough to really watch and understand Soccer/Football. Barcelona seems to be the better team though, with a very strong midfield. Thoughts on how the match will turn out?
  7. That's where I was a few years ago (now a college frosh). Work out, get yourself a swing coach/consistent lessons, and PRACTICE YOUR SHORT GAME. If you do those 3 on a regular basis, you'll most likely end up at college level. The difference, for me, between my game at the end of high school and the golfers on my Patriot League D1 school's team (not Army or Navy, either :) ) was the short game. I had no problem tee to green... I'd hit like 85 to 90% of fairways and about the same % for greens, but unless you can make the up and down to save par when you get in trouble, you most likely won't make D1 golf. Also, 3 putts are a score killer. The biggest takeaway for me from my time on my high school team is that I should have worked my short game harder. If I could do it all again I would work so much harder on chipping and putting. I'm told all the time that I have a beautiful swing, and people wonder why I don't play for the school.......that's the reason why. Didn't practice short game enough in high school. As far as skimping on one of those 3 if you have to; definitely working out is the one you can neglect most often. I am 5'9" and 135 lbs (skinny as a rail). The extra distance you'll get from being stronger is certainly nice, and can help in some situations, but it's not game breaking like the consistent lessons and short game are. EDIT: PGA level golf is a big dream to have, so good on you for it. I don't want to be the rainy cloud, but very very few people get to go PGA. Even some of the D1 golfers from college don't; and I'm talking about powerhouse D1 schools where they can golf all year round.
  8. Sweet, thanks. Hopefully my local clubs will have them in stock so I can feel them.
  9. I have played Crosslines before and I actually wasn't as much of a fan as everyone else seemed to be. From what I'm hearing, I'll definitely have to give the VDRs a feel, followed possibly by the NDurs. Anyone else have input?
  10. I have the MultiCompound half-cords on my driver and wedges. I like how they feel on those clubs, but I don't think they would fit the feel of my irons too well. Is the non-cord version softer and tackier, as opposed to the firm, more harsh grip of the half-cord?
  11. Hi all, My 5W and my entire iron set are currently gripped with the old Lamkin Torsion Controls... they were an amazing grip, but wore out quickly. After 2 years with them, the thumb and finger wear has gotten to the point where the grips are uncomfortable, and I can't find anywhere that's selling any NOS after Lamkin pulled the grips from the market. I am a semi-avid golfer, and definitely better with the irons than any other club in my bag. I don't swing very hard (160-yard 7 iron?), and I really like how the Torsion Controls felt and how they gave me feedback. Can anyone recommend me a good, solid grip for my irons, based off what I've said? I would prefer to stay away from Winn grips and from Wrap-style grips, I have never really been a fan. Wet weather performance is not as important as it one was, but in the odd event that I get stuck in a surprise storm, I'd like the grips to offer some grip still. I've been eyeing these grips, hoping that my course at home has them so I can get a feel before buying: - Lamkin REL 3Gen - Lamkin NDur 3Gen - Golf Pride VDR I would greatly appreciate any advice! Thanks!
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