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  1. I splurged on a customized towel from https://www.playerstowel.com/ . While I don't disagree that a regular towel does the job just fine, the microfiber material they use on these towels really does help pull away the dirt without having to get the towel wet. It is also really absorbent, so when my hands or grips do get wet this thing whisks away almost all moisture. I wasn't really sure about the putter slit option but ordered it anyway. Know that I am used to it I take my towel with me on every chip and have made it part of my routine, like a putter head cover. Overall, these towels a
  2. I'm in the same boat and leaning towards the CB's since I love my DCI 981's but lack the feel of the newer player's iron. These clubs felt really strong and more forgiving than expected, I don't think they are a stretch if your swing is fundamentally solid. For me, my handicap is a 12 because of my driver and putter not my irons.
  3. I would like to see a cross between the R11 and the Burner. Personally, I don't feel the lie and loft adjustments are something I would use often enough to justify the purchase since I have no problem shaping shots with my 09 Tour Burner. I did like the way the club sounded and felt it was slightly longer than my current driver. The new Burner did not feel as solid even though the shaft was fixed, maybe this is due to the head shape and additional weights but I'm no engineer.
  4. Disappointed I didn't win but congrats. Look forward to hearing about your fitness progress and how it translates over to the course. For the rest of you like me who didn't win, Men's Health has some new golf specific exercises that seem to be great for flexibility and core strenght. I added the swiss ball cable rotation to my workout yesterday and last night it felt like my hip turn was much stronger and most of my drives were 5-10 yrds longer and straighter! Again good luck and congrats.
  5. I agree with everyone about the spin difference and have not been able to decide which is better for my game so I have been switching between the two this season. I do feel that the Penta is slightly more durable than the VIx even though the 2011 VIx is greatly improved. This durability factor makes the Penta a better ball for me since there are so many trees on our course but I would recommend trying them both and making the decision for yourself.
  6. We have this side card game that is usually a fun side bet to any round but can affect your strategy at times. There are 12 cards and the object is to get rid of your cards by the end of each nine. On the 1st and 10th tee everyone draws 3 cards and when another player does what's on your card you can give it to them, in many cases adding insult to injury. We usually just play for $1 to $5 a card but my dad's buddies play for a $100. CARDS: Water Ball Tree Ball Sandman Condo Ball (Any man made structure) 3-Putt Big Divot Wimp Ball Lost Ball Missed Doub
  7. That looks pretty cool, nice work. What kind of paint did you use and was there any prep work done to the driver before applying the paint? If it holds up I would consider painting my dinged up driver white as well.
  8. Thanks for all the feedback, I think I'll stick with my current stock wedge and keep using my GW for the more finese type shots.
  9. Almost ever iron discussion I've been reading is hating on blades on the site and I agree that my game is not yer ready for them. But I am hitting my Vokey wedges really well was thinking about grabing a 47* to replace my standard PW. Is this common becuase I don't see that many options out there?
  10. Please post up when you do, I have their 60* and absolutely love the soft feel of the 1080 forged steal!
  11. Still waiting on my course to be updated, I place the tee and pin locations on your map. Please update, this looks really cool and would like to test it out!
  12. Looks very interesting but they don't have my course information up to date, can I add it somehow? *The edit option is available on the website and it is very easy to do, nice app! Can't wait to try it out at my course.
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