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  1. I always, without fail, pick my target then line my club face square to the target. Once im happy that it is definatly pointing at the target i put both of my feet together so that i can see a clearly that they are square to my club, which in turn is pointing to my target, then i open them out. This stops me from aiming my feet/shoulders/hips in the wrong direction. With closed feet its easier to see a line of where your feet are in relation to the club head. Also, check your shoulder alignment. I used to set my feet up pointing at the target but my shoulders way open (left). Subseqentl
  2. Thanks for clearing that up. I did in fact drop the ball about 3ft behind the bunker in line with the ball and the flag so a 1 stroke penalty was the justified penalty it looks like.
  3. Last Friday i played in a society day at a course i hadn't played before. I was playing pretty well and was looking to just play to my handicap. On the 18th hole im looking to make par and i've played to my handicap. Its not a hard hole, relativley short, dogleg to the right. The person im playing with (who is a member at this course) say's that as long as i keep the ball in play off the tee i should be good. I hit my drive, in play.. perfect. I play my second shot into the green but leak it left and end up in a bunker. Now here's the problem.. The course is pretty soaked due to
  4. My PW is 46 and then i have 3 Vokeys of 52, 54, 58... the only reason i have a 58 over a 60 (as the 60 is the next logical loft gap) is because its older and alot lighter so i prefer it out of bunkers and feel more comfortable opening the face. In all fairness, its very rare i'd even attempt a full shot with the 58 because i'd rather not take my nose off. I much prefer hitting a half shot with a 52 or 54 than a full shot with a 58. More comfortable controling distance with a smooth, short tempo than a full lash with a 58. Find what your comfortable with, wedge play is all about control.
  5. I take it off after every shot then put it back on before taking my next one. Only time i dont wear a glove when making a stroke is putting.
  6. I wouldnt say it dictates it.. i.e "the ball is travelling 15 yards less than over in the states so we'll make it shorter". That being said, there is a European Tour event that is so high above sea level the ball can travel anywhere to 20-40 yards further in benign conditions. Driving par 4's and flicking wedges into par 5's.
  7. Suffered a grade 2 Medial Collatral ligament tear to my left leg and an ACL tear to my right. After the injuries i couldnt play football (soccer) anymore so decided to give golf a try. Bought some dunlop irons and went from there...
  8. People who shout "BITE!!" when they thin a shot accross the green and its got no hope of stopping.
  9. But when you can hit a wedge 160 with a 40 yard hook out of the pine and round some trees your on to a winner!
  10. This may have been posted before, i dont know, but i think it deserves to be seen if it hasn't. A friend showed me this and i was gobsmacked... What an inspirational person. Currently playing off 3. There are a few vids of him playing the Dunhill Links aswell.
  11. It always helps when your hitting well off the tee. You'd rather hit an easy 8 from the fairway into the green than a hard 6 from the thick stuff.
  12. I think that could sum it up.. If he has been there for 12 years, seen how the pro's play it etc, obviously played it himself a few times, played off 4-5 and shot 92 for a best round i think that the 5-10 hcp's playing it for the first time wouldn't break 100.
  13. I'm sure Monty said before that if you put a scratch club golfer on Augusta they would struggle to break 100. I cant remember if that was during the commentry for the Masters last year of the year before...
  14. The only reason he's classed as an assistant pro is because he's only just started his PGA schooling. So until he passes that, which i believe is about 2-3years, he is classed as the assistant pro to the PGA Pro at my pro shop. Its nothing to do with his golfing ability. +2 golfer, 4 time club champ one of only 2 to successfully defend it, but doesn't mean he can skip 3 years of schooling. I didn't say he hit the driver off the deck "no problem". I said that because he can hit the diver off the deck, long 5's are "no problem". It was more a joke. That being said, if he had a good
  15. What about driver off the deck? The assistant pro at my club hits his specialty shot which is the driver off the deck... Long Par 5's = No Problem
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