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  1. please help me stretch away back pain

    I had severe lower back pain about 15 years ago. went to doc and was recommend PT. Of all the exercises one stood out : get down on all fours alternating slowly raising opposite arm and leg(left arm/right leg then right arm/left) straight away form body keeping back parallel to floor. i was amazed how effective this was in strengthening my mid and lower back. within days all the pain was gone. now 15 years later whenever i feel my back weakening i get down and do it - usually for a few weeks into the season then it's good for the the remainder but always consult your doc and get a second opnion - there are often conflicting remedies - some that can be harmful for certain conditions best of luck - stay strong
  2. I assume you're referring to TW. I don't care how far back you are I think it's disruptive to the other players in the group to withdraw in the middle of a round. If it's an injury that's different. But just because you rounds not going well doesn't justify affecting the conditions of the other players. I say finish the round and lick your wounds on the bus ride home. Glad to see all the positive responses toward DD though.
  3. I saw David play at the Fred Meyer Challenge in Oregon. His swing was like music, fluid, smooth, graceful. Then he disappeared from view. But he's back in the hunt occasionally and hasn't withdrawn from the TPC like some other famous golfers. Does anyone think he's got a chance at another major? Is anyone else routing for him? Does anyone else even know who he is?
  4. Will Tiger capture 30+ majors?

    Point taken - using quotes, I mean - I'm gettin better. Sometime back in the early sixties I remember many folks saying putting a man on the moon was absurd, within 7 years, an impossibility. When someone puts their mind to something, impossibilities often become realities.
  5. "Established Member" Usergroup

    First, I don't know of gansta's post. Provocation is not necessarily bad. And a poor quality of post should fall in the jurisdiction of the moderator. If a post generates a magnitude of response then it hit a nerve good or bad. However, if that post violates policy, the option to remove it is in place and would be exercised. It would then no longer be in the pool anyway. I'm not an advocate of censorship but I do recognize rights of ownership. In this case TST. More valuable, I think, is impartiality. As a weighted piece of the whole solution, valuing the views and responses to a post is at the core of forums in general - readership and discussion. If a post generates a high volume of readership and discussion hasn't it earned the author some measure of reward? Six of TST's nine categories are directly based on the contributions of it's members. From the number and content of the replies to this thread, might it be worth a deeper look into how it weighs in the progress of member status? Thanks for listening
  6. It's all important. But the greens have to be the most traversed. Especially close to the pin. Potentially one ball mark and 2 feet per golfer, 4 golfers per round, 5-6 rounds per hour, 10-12 hours per day - that's a lot of traffic per hole! Add to that scorching heat, cleats, angry releases, deer, geese, squirrel, ground hogs, moles and the dreaded nutria.
  7. Bubba Watson - Why doesn't he win more often?

    Although he's played from childhood, retaining confidence in a self-taught swing as his body begins to age will be a challenge. Self-doubt rears it's ugly head and inner focus is disrupted. From what I've heard, Bubba has always resisted instruction. Re-tooling may not be a choice he's willing to make.
  8. Will Tiger capture 30+ majors?

    I think it's started to hail! So, TST has been around since 2007, I think I read? If it's still here when he breaks 30 majors,and the server hasn't crashed and lost all our posts, ya'll can congratulate me then. Meanwhile, I think Tiger has a lot of gas left in his tank so I'm still hopeful. Fortunately my buddy wasn't Rich, as I am, so the bet was inconsequential.
  9. Will Tiger capture 30+ majors?

    NEOHMark, Now you see why I posted this. I believe he could have a strong competitive game until he's in his mid 50s. But if he can't regain his focus the skeptics may prevail.
  10. Will Tiger capture 30+ majors?

    Max, have you met shades?
  11. Will Tiger capture 30+ majors?

    Phillyk - "The Game" is played between the ears. And when you're on the course it's not always golf. Tiger has a new game or two, in life, to manage before he can play golf well again. That's where an influence like he had with his dad is important, right now.
  12. Will Tiger capture 30+ majors?

    Shades - Ye of little faith - I should give you his contact info.
  13. Will Tiger capture 30+ majors?

    Sean, it was the way in which he'd won them. Being in Oregon I'd followed his play closely at the Amateur at Pumpkin Ridge. His game at the time was levels above any other. He was young and unobstructed. Now he's got issues(emotional, psycho., phys.) that hound him during his game. He's finding it more difficult to separate himself from them. If he can find another influence that resembles strength he got through the relationship he had with his dad he may progress through it more quickly. I think I'm a more management golfer - not so Tin Cup!
  14. Thanks for the welcoming. And maybe improve my posts by gaming here
  15. sounds great - the weather is finally beginning to coop