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  1. I thought I saw the same thing, but sm guessing that the camera must have cut away before his ball completely came to rest...maybe it was only his back foot in the grate with his ball actually lying a bit in front parallel to where he ended up dropping. Don't know if this was mentioned elsewhere, but I think Stenson's birdie putt on 18 was worth over 1.2 M to him- 3 M for 2nd in FEC vs 2 M for 3rd and at least 200 K more for t2 instead of t4.
  2. The OP is basically a hypothetical. I agree that results matter, but which results are most important? Day has more wins, a lower actual scoring average, a lower scoring average in tournaments both he and Spieth competed in and JD currently leads JS in the FEC. I'd vote for JS today based on his better record in the majors, but might feel differently Sunday evening.
  3. How am I way off base? Did you read what I said in the OP? What you and I said isn't that different except that I assumed playing 1 handed wouldn't do further damage to the injured wrist. [quote name="MEfree" url="/t/84624/would-you-embarrass-yourself-for-200-k#post_1204563"]Would you show up and play in the Tour Championship if it meant you would earn an extra 200 K even if you never broke 100? By not showing up and completing the no cut Tour Championship, Jim Furyk cost himself about 200 K (an estimate of what last place in the Tour Championship will be paid plus extra bonus money he wou
  4. Would you show up and play in the Tour Championship if it meant you would earn an extra 200 K even if you never broke 100? By not showing up and completing the no cut Tour Championship, Jim Furyk cost himself about 200 K (an estimate of what last place in the Tour Championship will be paid plus extra bonus money he would have gotten with the 164 Fed Ex points 30th place in the TC earns). I completely understand why JF didn't show up with his bum wrist and Rory was recently quoted as saying $10 M doesn't mean much to him at this point, but would you consider playing 1 handed if you were som
  5. Yes, Spieth had a better major season and he certainly dominated Day at the Masters, but over the last 3 majors, Spieth beat Day by a total of 2 strokes with each taking 1 victory- not exactly in separate leagues. While I don't think anyone is saying that their major seasons are equal, I think Day would be the front runner for POY right now if DJ had made a 12 foot putt on the 72nd hole of the US Open while Spieth was sitting in the clubhouse wondering why he doubled the 71st hole.
  6. Any idea how they do the adjustments to scoring average? Like I pointed out before, Day's scoring ave differential vs the field is better than Spieth's. If you look at the 13 official stroke play events that they both competed in, Day was -102 with a 69.19 scoring ave while Spieth was -78 with a 69.61 scoring average. (Even if you include the unofficial Hero World Challenge Spieth won, Day has the better scoring average in Stroke Play events they both competed in.) It seems that whatever adjustments they made, it certainly favored the rounds Spieth played when Day was not competing or hu
  7. I definitely think the players who vote on POY will give some weight to the scoring average winner, but which scoring average (and how do the Vardon and Nelson do their adjustments)? Currently, Day's actual scoring average is 0.3 ahead of Speith. The fields scoring average is 0.21 higher for Speith than Dan, so Day only leads the scoring ave v field by 0.09 strokes per round (2.3 better than the field for Day vs 2.21 better than the field for Speith). What I don't understand is why Speith has a better adjusted scoring average than Day, considering Day leads in both of the above categories??
  8. For the most part, I agree with the first post, BUT I think CONFIDENCE is very important. While the best way to earn confidence is to build on positive results, I think some of the best players in the world are able to con themselves into believing that their game is closer to perfection than it actually is. With that in mind, I am going to say that my short game is close to being good rather than that it has mostly sucked all summer.
  9. I won my 2nd Club Championship 2 weeks ago- 74-69 (par 69). Course played really hard the 1st round with lots of tucked pins and a mid-round storm with some rain and really heavy winds. Thursday, I am in the finals of the match play championship, played at 50% handicap. My opponent is a former shop pro who finished 2nd in the Club Championship and we will be playing even. I beat him most of the season in Men's league, but think he is better at match play than he is at stroke play, so it should be a good match.
  10. I saw there were 17 new posts on the "Lost ball rule is stupid" thread (created by Duff McGee). I had previously posted in this thread, but when I clicked on the link, I got: Insufficient Permissions You do not have permission to view this thread. Please contact a site administrator if you believe this to be in error. Alternately you may return to the The Clubhouse forum Logout and try again with an administrative account, or contact a site administrator for support. How do I look at the new posts? Lost Ball Rule is Stupid started by Duff McGee in Rules of Golf last post by Elmer Today at
  11. We have a completely different system in the US than you do here but it is possible for your handicap to go down quickly as we revise 2x month. i.e. I was a 7.7 June 15 and was down to a 3.4 Aug 1. I definitely felt I was a more competitive 5.8 the first part of July than I feel now. With that said, under our system, I know exactly what my handicap is going to be based on the scores I shoot, course rating and slopes of the courses I played. It sounds like your system has some subjectivity to it that our system does not (for the most part). What was the course rating/slope on the par 64?
  12. The article doesn't discourage practicing your full swing and points out that distance is an advantage. For many of us, 100 yards is close to a full swing and the principle of hitting the ball first with solid contact applies just like with all full shots. Things like weight forward, proper shaft lean/flat wrist and a steady head are important on a 100 yard shot just like they are on full swings. For many players, I think it makes sense to work on their full swing mechanics by practicing a lot with short irons.
  13. I agree that DJ is just an average putter by tour standards and also agree that strokes gained putting is the most correlated putting statistic with someone's actual putting abilities. With that said, I don't think SGP is perfect- it only accounts for distance and not the difficulty of the putts you have. Not every 3 foot, 7 foot, or 27 foot putt is created equal. Some players do a better job leaving themselves easier putts. My take-away with Spieth is that the stats seem to confirm he is an intelligent player with no weaknesses- while he is only 40th in GIR, he is 7th in strokes gained wi
  14. Agreed. That is one reason I asked him how long it took him to become a 3 HC and how long he remained a 3..
  15. My understanding is that par+ handicap is a guideline or handicap rule, not a rule of golf. [quote name="Big C" url="/t/83618/lost-ball-rule-is-stupid/18#post_1178968"] I typically don't chime in on these threads because like @Fourputt and others have repeatedly said, there is no practical alternative to the current rule. But to @MEfree 's question above, I had this exact scenario play out yesterday in a men's club tournament. I hit a hybrid into the green from 225 yards, caught it a hair thin and saw it bounce on the back of the green and then disappear. I assumed that it wo
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