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  1. Message me for pics or if you have any questions Thanks,
  2. Last deal fell through still for Sale. A shot in the Dark, but I'm open to trades for a solid 4 or 5wt Fly rod too. ( broke my 5 yesterday)
  3. Good Luck Travis. Ignore the negativity. You'll miss every shot you don't take. Another book you might look at is a book called "The talent Code" it basically puts to bed the myth that talent is a born gift. If you down load the (audible) app and set up a account you first audio book is free. I don't have a ton of time to read so I listen to tons of audio books. Audible its linked to Amazon. I read paper Tiger and it is a great read. You'll enjoy Tom Coyne. He's a great writer. I just wished his books were on audio.
  4. I bought a new four-5 and having the full dividers for each club is really nice. But it does have a lot of pockets and can get heavy if you keep stuffing it. The new four 5 is "cart friendly" also
  5. Sounds like you found a good deal as long as they aren't beat up. I wouldn't say that your friend would have a advantage over your set of burners. Espeically if he is just starting out too. The AP2's are hardly a "game improvement Iron" The burners will be more forgiving.
  6. I might consider a decent set of GI Irons JPX 800 would be at the top of my list. PM me with what you have in mind.
  7. Scotty Cameron Newport 2.6 "CENTER SHAFT" putter with 20 Gram weights. 33" Long I bougth this Scotty because I wanted to give a center shafted putter a try. I don't care for the center shafted putter and will stick with my Newport 2 instead. This putter has been used very little and is in Mint condition, I bougth a new grip for it. They come with a red Cord grip but I swapped it out for a Black "Baby T" Grip. I have the Red Cord one also and will throw it in if you want it. These scotty's typically come with 10 gram weights but this was a special order for the heavier weights. I don't have
  8. My thoughts also! I will say that Haas's win was exciting to watch.
  9. Yeah but what a hottie!!! haha!
  10. Just announced! http://www.pgatour.com/2011/tournaments/presidentscup/09/27/picks/index.html
  11. I currently live in Albuquerque New Mexico. We have a decent amount of courses in the area. I'd say at least 20. Prices range from 25-130 ish. I tend to frequent the city courses UNM Championship course, and the occasional Casino course from time to time. I lean toward twilight rates and the happy hour which range between 15-45 dollars. The weather here is great from spring to fall. During the winter it gets pretty darn cold. I'm not sure how much golfing I'll be doing this winter. This is my first season playing golf and usually fly fish during the winter months. (less crowded)
  12. Thanks for the info iacas. I really like the insert on the edel putter I guess my question was really what would one pay for a Edel Putter.
  13. So what does a process like that Cost? Sounds interesting, there isn't a fitter here In NM but I'm heading to Baltimore next month for a week and might check it out. I love my Scotty but that Edel put's my 2.6 to shame by means of looks. GREAT looking Putter!!!!
  14. That Hybrid bag is sweet! I ended up going with the four 5 though. I'll never own another bag that doesn't have full 14 way dividers.
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