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  1. 2 iron 255 ish with a butter draw...right into a par 5 green
  2. I was in the same boat, scratch golfer playing tournament after tournament. I was always trying to get to the next step. It got to be too much, and so did my attitude. I took a year off, came back, and now I'm happier. I don't play competitively anymore, and I limit my practice sessions to 20 minutes. Most of all, I try to enjoy the little things in golf. I hope you find your way.
  3. This is a good thread. I don't feel eccentric anymore. I don't like too many things in my pockets, and I never wear sunglasses but always a hat.
  4. Cannot go wrong with Disney courses...Magnolia and Palm!
  5. I hate to be "that guy," but I utlize the techniques that Tiger Woods published in his book. There are great pitch and punch techniques for that range. You can probably find it online.
  6. 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee Columbia Edition, v8 High output...awesome
  7. Kirk Currie Trinity Putter, custom fit it to myself several years ago. I was using an macgregor bladed putter which was awesome, and a Scotty Cameron 2006 Circa #1, but I sold the Scotty and gave the Macgregor away. I like bladed, thin profile putters; they fit my eye so well.
  8. I always feel bad or rude, but I paid to play too. It is what it is...
  9. I was at the tournament today; didn't see tiger around, but got really close to everyone else. The course had very few spectators. Good time. The only nice tour player we came across (out of almost the entire field) was Joe Ogilvie, he was very nice to the fans.
  10. 70, a double bogey and 2 birdies
  11. Greenjoys are cheap, but good. I have had mine for a little over a year and they seem to be fine. For $40.00, you can't go wrong.
  12. I had high hopes for adam scott's first round...hope he can pull it together tomorrow. not bad though
  13. 120 yards in deep rough to 3 feet. Birdie!
  14. 75 at Shark River, Monmouth County NJ. Started with a 7.
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