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  1. I played Ko Olina and Kapolei while I was in O'ahu last. Kapolei was an amazing course and there wasn't a blade of grass out of place. Ko Olina was ok but the proximity to houses and the roads was a turn-off for me. Also, the greens weren't as nice as Kapolei.
  2. I just bought a set of G25 (5-U). I had them fitted for me and almost all of my clubs are great. My 7i has been giving me trouble however, as I push sliced it 4 out of the 7 balls I hit with it yesterday. I tried to close my face on set up and hooked 2/7. I hit around 7 balls with each of my new clubs, and all of the other clubs fit me like a glove My question is h ave you ever gotten a bad club when you got a new set of irons? Is it all in my head? I will be at the range again today to see if this was just a blip.
  3. I've battled a pull hook for about 2 seasons and a pro just fixed me up the other week. I can't believe how straight my balls are now. I'm even slicing balls sometimes, which I haven't seen in quite a while! Here's how he fixed me: I was setting up with a very strong grip I was setting up with my hands in front of the ball and low. I now keep my left arm straight and ground my club more upright. I was resting the heel of my club into the turf. My setup is much more pleasing to the eye. My take away was very outside. I now take the club away much more inside. I think about hitting my right hip with my right elbow. Hope this helps.
  4. I'm starting to post scores under 100 consistently. This is a marked improvement for my game as my last plateau was ~105. Staying in-bounds was my discovery there, and now I take 3 wood off the tee instead of driver unless things are wide open. OB kills everyone's scorecard. I problem now is the approach shot from mid to long range. My irons below 8 are crap, but I can hit my 3 and 4 hybrid well off of the turf. When I'm 150-190 yards away I have no answer. Why can't I hit my 7-4 iron? I'm used to hitting "'down" on my 8 iron, but this doesn't work with my 7. I tee it up towards my front foot and move away from the ball slightly. Everything I do at the range doesn't change anything. I've tried a lot of guesses at the range, nothing produces a result. I always end up with a dribbler or a wild slice/hook. I need help from square one. Any pointers for how I can move my way up there incrementally? I have this aversion for getting a hybrid lower than a 4. I need some confidence at this range.
  5. Thanks guys, I finally shot under 100 yesterday! I shot a 95, despite losing a ball on 16, 17 and 18. For me it's just about being able to get on the green when you're
  6. Wow, thanks a bunch gr8hntr! Are there anymore sites out there that deal with one-off clubs? Is the 91 bucks for a lost iron the best I'm going to get?
  7. I lost my pitching wedge about two years ago. It didn't matter until I started playing a lot this summer, now I have this gap between my GW and my 9 iron. It seems all of my approach shots tend to fall into this 95 yd - 125 yard black hole. All of the golf equipment websites don't have pitching wedges as they seem to be part of the irons set. I have Ben Hogan Edge irons with graphite shaft. I have a Vokey 52 oilcan GW. Any advice on how to fill this void? -Steve
  8. Ping Zing 2, old skool, no frills, I'll use this thing forever.
  9. TaylorMade r7 425. The Nike SQ2 just sounds like a Blacksmith hammer, I couldn't get over it.
  10. Hi everyone, I'm a software engineer from Seattle for one of the big companies out here. I can't get enough of this game, I caught the golf bug!