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  1. ok, so i want a new shaft for my driver, and i want a little less spin. i play the 10.5 neutral F10, my ss usually falls between 98-105. the spin rate i get is usually between 3500-3700 and the launch im gettin is between 13-15. any suggestions? anyone playin a shaft in the F10 they like?? thanks!
  2. the OS are forgiving. you can feel when you hit them off center, but the ball still goes straight for the most part. if you really hit one off the toe or heel they go off line, but thats any iron really. thin shots feel like thin shots. lol. feel kinda hard and you can feel it in your hands a bit. if you just kinda bottom groove it, you can feel it, but its not bad at all. im a bad person to ask about nike golf. lol. the only stuff i like from them is their clothes and bags. lol. ive never hit the VR irons, so i dont have a full opinion on those, so maybe someone who has hit those ca
  3. i play the RAC os irons. they are great. those are irons that you can play for a long time. i started playing them when i was around a 20 handicap or so, and i am now an 11.8 and looking for a new set. they are great. forgiving enough to play with, but once you get better you can work the ball a little with them. i love them the slingshots are heavy and clunky. ive never been a fan of nike golf stuff. thats just personal with me though. plus, they are more of a hybrid iron. once you start getting better, you will start to balloon the ball with the slingshots. if i were you, id stay away
  4. i was looking at a set of Adams Idea Pro Golf forged. They look great and all the reviews seem pretty good. anyone have an opinion on these or something similar?? thanks for the input mac. i like the way those mizunos look.
  5. so im a 12 handicap and its going down fast....right now im playing 2005 Taylormade RAC os irons. I really like them, but i am starting to balloon the ball with the irons. i fell that the ball is more launching up and ballooning rather than getting a nice penetrating ball flight. so i was looking at getting the KBS tour shafts and reshafting my irons to help the ballooning problem...but after i buy the shafts, get em reshafted, and buy grips, im going to be spending around 300 dollars or so....so i feel i should just get a new iron set that i can grow and get better with. so m
  6. ^^*sand wedge was bent to a 55^^ iPhone won't let me edit the post
  7. Yeah i had my sand wedge bent to a 50* to keep an even gap between them. The 50 has a project x rifle shaft in it now, could that be cuasing the hight launch angle?
  8. ....that driver looks sooo pretty.....i want it. (the new one...not the cracked one....that sucks that your driver cracked)
  9. i had one for a while. i liked it, but i got the RAZR hawk because i was getting more distance from it. the face scratched pretty easy, but it didnt affect the performance. for 150 bucks, id say go for it.
  10. i have the callaway CC jaws wedges. i have a 60*, 55*, and 50*. i bought the 50 on ebay. it didnt say the bounce on there, but i figured it couldnt be more than 10 degrees or so....well, it has 12. the ball shoots straight up into the air. its annoying. my buddy has a wedge with 8 degrees, and when i hit that the ball flight is great and i get about 5-10 yards more. i was wondering if it is possible to get the bounce ground down at a pro shop? would ya'll recommend that, or would it be better to just buy another wedge? id prefer the cheaper route, but i want the best solution. have a
  11. ive been hitting about 5 to 6 GIR lately, which is pretty good for me...then i end up 3 putting most of them and parring the reset....i cant make a birdie!! my putting has killed me lately. that and duffing chips......those two things make me rage every time.
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