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  1. Grip: Fingers or Palm?

    I know this is an old post, but I'd like to add my expertise to it anyway. While there is not one definite right way to grip the club it is important to know what affect a 'finger' or 'palm' grip can have on the overall swing. I believe Hogan fell perfectly between a 'finger' and 'palm' grip. I'm not saying to use his exactly, but it is pretty neutral. I never suggest going to the extreme in either case. I fall into a bad habit of putting the club too much in the 'fingers'. Basically, if I grip the club normally then take my right hand and grasp the shaft of the club and then without moving the club around in my hand; slowly unwrap my fingers the grip is running almost parallel to my largest knuckles at the base of the fingers. This is really too much in the fingers. This 'causes' or 'allows' (depending on what you are aiming for) the player to engage the wrist more in the swing. It can also lead to a very strong left hand. All of this can create a powerful swing, but it can also lead to going beyond parallel at the top, unhitching and a number of other problems. So again... don't overdue it. Now a 'palm' grip... much like that of Moe Norman where the grip runs nearly up through the center of the wrist is again going too far in the other direction. It is, however, a very stable position and is commonly used in putting and chipping simply because it disengages the wrist and allows you to use the larger muscles and shoulders to move the swing. Each to his own, but I try and find the neutral position and this is how I do it. 1) Standing normally I take the club in my left hand at my left side with the club pointing toward the ground. 2) I use my left index finger to hook (feels like) grip and balance the butt end under the heel pad of my left hand. 3) Then I add the right hand a bit more in the finger so I can get my right thumb pad over the left thumb. Hogan gives a much better illustration of this in his book. Hope this helps. Hit em well!