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  1. Beat me to it! Except it was both the worst and the best advice I've ever gotten.
  2. Here, here! That spot on T.V. was the most idiotic thing I've seen in a long time.
  3. I was in a bad mood yesterday and really whacked one with the 4" stub of a broken hockey stick handle, left handed, standing on my head in 12' of water. I really, really hope I didn't damage the Curiosity rover.
  4. I just played a round with TM Burner Tour and really liked them a lot. I picked up a dozen for $18. Not bad for the price at all.
  5. JCoop

    Driving Distance

    I started playing a couple summers ago and I hit a driver around 200 yards on average, with some being a sloppy 180 and some 220. Last year I hit one 230 yards for a baby draw dead center fairway. It was a thing of beauty! The last time I played, which was before everything shut down last fall, I hit 7 out of 9 fairways, which was by far the best I've ever done. Can't wait to start all over again this spring...
  6. JCoop

    Blow up holes

    One thing I've started trying after a blow up hole is to focus on my set up on the very next shot. After a blow up hole, you feel bummed, you try to set up different in order to fix whatever the hell went wrong. But whatever went wrong was on the LAST hole. I try to take my time, relax and set up properly instead of "adjusting" stuff. If you address the ball and don't feel right. Stop. Step away. Readdress and see how that feels. You can feel it when you're set up right. Focus on that. Then hit the shot you KNOW you can make. We spend range time and yard time and hit hundreds of ba
  7. I have some Noodle Long and Soft in the bag. I also have a bunch of mixed used balls in the extra pocket for people that bum balls That said, I just played couple of Wilson Staff Duos last week and really liked them a lot. I want to get a dozen and play em to see if first impressions were accurate. If so, they're are the new Ball Of Choice.
  8. A Wilson rep gave me a two pack at Demo Day and I was able to play them last week. I really, really like this ball. There are a lot of claims of greater distance with them but since I didn't measure any drives I can't really say for sure if I hit them further or not. But I did make consistently long hits with driver and irons. I also love the sound they make coming off a club. It's a substantial "thwack!". I found them to be very controllable, low spin off the tee and they seemed to like doing a little baby draw. Short irons and putting were very satisfying. The Duo checked up nicely an
  9. I'm not the ultimate cheapskate, but pretty close. I cut 7 saplings and made two tripods with 6 of them and used the 7th as a cross piece between the tripods. Then I drape a piece of heavy, fleese lined neoprene over the cross piece. Works like a charm. Cost? 5 bucks.
  10. I tend to freeze over here in the Upper Valley, near Hanover. I'm assuming you're in the White Mtns?
  11. As another resident of the Live, Freeze and Die state, I understand where you're coming from. I work from home and way too often an irresistible force makes me go hit balls in the field. I can be in the middle of a major breakthrough in a programming problem I've been working on for a week and all of a sudden I foolishly think I have the final answer to that irritating pull or the proper method for hitting a consistent baby draw pops into my head. Off I go to hit some balls, work be damned. Maybe I need to start wearing the tin-foil hat again...
  12. John Huh -7 Kevin Na -4 Seung-Yul Noh -11
  13. If you're breaking tees with a driver you are more than likely hitting down on the ball instead of up on the ball.
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