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  1. I prefer to walk, I feel get more into my round when I walk. My home course is a good walk as well. I will ride if it’s an event or playing a golf course isn’t walkable, where it makes more sense to ride.
  2. Good to see the international team playing well....when these things get too one-sided or predictable, they just aren’t interesting and lose relevance. An international win would be a good thing for this event.
  3. Get my index into the single digits and keep it there. Improve the short game, particularly putting to reduce 3 putts. Learn to hit my hybrid so I'm as comfortable with it as an iron. I will continue to take lessons with my PGA professional to try and achieve my goals in golf...
  4. On course commentary at it's finest..... Seriously, time to change it up. DL3? Not so sure. Maybe have a high end teacher breaking down some of the swing analysis? When you look at what other sports are doing with ex-players adding to the broadcasts of their game, it's pretty good. Golf could do a lot better.
  5. Jmdmbike


  6. I'd agree with this. I always take advantage of the Srixon's and Project A's when they are on sale and load up. They are high quality, high performing balls that should suit most players.....
  7. PGA sometimes seems like the poor cousin of the Majors. Not this year. What a great tournament and exciting finish - well done to Koepka and amazing to see Tiger in it until the end.......
  8. Shot 83 today, tied my best score at my home course. 👍. I have been taking lessons from our PGA professional, and it has made such a big difference in my game. Was regularly in the 90’s, but most rounds start with an 8 these days 😁.
  9. I'd say playing 35 - 40 rounds a year that I'd expect to get 3 seasons out of a pair golf shoes.
  10. I have 2 sets. My ap1's are 714 vintage, and my jpx 850 forged irons were introduced in 2014 as well -- I'm good for now.
  11. Corona Extras after a decent round of golf. Nothing special but very satisfying
  12. Too many fast food drive throughs. Fast food is easy and cheap. Super Size Me - Morgan Spurlock.
  13. I have a 45 degree PW and a 50 GW that came with my set, and to that I add a 54SW and 58LW. Comfortable with the set up.
  14. I haven't carried a 3 wood in several years - made the switch to 5 wood and don't regret it. More consistent ball striking and distance is pretty similar.
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