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  1. I'm just getting back into playing after over a year out of the game thanks to a herniated disc in my lower back. I've played a couple of rounds recently plus been hitting the range just making easy swings, but now starting to work on the details to get my swing back into shape. I'm working through a sequence of drills from an instructor I worked with a few years back that I always went through starting each season. My first focus is on the impact position, with emphasis on ensuring I have a flat left wrist. I spent five minutes working on the last foot of the swing leading to impact,
  2. I like the mulligan, as much as I'd like to have access every week to change my lineup or actually do some research there are a couple of times a year it just doesn't work out. Life happens, rather not have a season ruined by a week or two. For people that don't travel it's probably not an issue.
  3. I might be too late, but Atomic Buffalo Turds might be a good option (or for next year if I'm too late). More of an appetizer but I'd eat the hell out of them if I were on a restricted diet.
  4. Wonder if he will skip a ball across the pond at 16 at Augusta during a practice round next year.
  5. I was cleaning out pictures on my phone when I came across this one I had forgotten about. It's from a couple of years ago at a driving range. I happened to turn around and notice this guy on the practice green. Hard to see, but behind him is one of those poles with wheels with an IV bag attached. He was practicing away, dragging the pole with him when he moved! I did walk over and let him know how awesome I thought it was. What's your excuse for not practicing your putting?
  6. Al`s. The first, and only one for over a decade. Much harder when it has never been done.
  7. I'm on a tight budget and want to gain a few extra yards off the tee (hey, 'Lowest Score Wins' proves longer drives will help you shoot lower scores!) What is the best fitness strategy to add some yards without spending a lot of money? Edit:Watched the video after posting, wow. Awesome story.
  8. In the past we had enabled the setting that dropped your worst score each season. It prevented a missed week from killing your score.
  9. None here. Hoping for practice found tickets. Been trying for 12 years, only selected once.
  10. Depends who I'm playing with. In-laws? No farting, they would complain for months. Friends from back home I grew up with? I'm eating sugar free Jolly Ranchers before the round to keep from getting destroyed and embarrassed on the course.
  11. Jimmy Walker -3 Hideki Matsuyama -2 Brendan De Jonge: -1
  12. I can think of worse role models. Nobody is perfect, and maybe he does have a gambling problem. I'll wait until the investigation is complete and he has his day in court before I pass judgment. As far as betting on the course among friends, what better way to test and develop your ability to handle pressure. I will be making wagers with my son as he gets older, small ones of course, to teach him how to get better under pressure.
  13. One, in a tournament. Couldn't have asked for a better setup, three people with me plus the group ahead just leaving the green and witnessing it as well. Figured my bar tab was going to be big, but surprisingly not many took up my offer to buy a round for everyone there.
  14. Same here,Glock 19 with Crossbreed Supertuck.
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