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  1. They shipped today and tracking #'s will go out tomorrow. Thanks for the patience in this Sandtrappers. It was a lot more involved than we thought it would be.
  2. Hey guys/gals. It took a bit longer than we would have liked due to the shear amount of stuff we had to coordinate (from boxes, to postcards to sole straggler prizes showing up)....but none the lest some shipped yesterday and some will ship today. Tracking number should be out be EOD. Thanks Matt
  3. Lol. There is around 60 Different type of products (that's a rough count). So everyone should get something different. People who bought two should get something different but that can't always be guaranteed as we are outsourcing the shipping and actual delivery to ensure fair results happen (ie: no favortism).
  4. Lol. You are no crack addict, just looking for your next golf fix :) Vouchers are there for items you redeem on other websites. For example if you bought a tee time and the course required you redeem it online, you would enter your voucher on their website to get credit..... Kinda dumb... but its our system.
  5. Def agree. But there about 380 other buyers so check on our Facebook and Twitter as well for everyone.
  6. Yes Sir, that's part of the fun :) You should have gotten an email with additional details, if you didn't, let me know and I can send it over to you.
  7. Ya we just got slammed traffic wise and for some odd reason our system capped out on generating vouchers. None the less if you received an email we have your order. If you didn't shoot me an email matt@shotly.com and I'll see if I can help.
  8. Lol, there seems to be a consistent theme with people buying... bad luck.... maybe we can change some of the bad to good... just maybe
  9. Haha, Give yourself a pat on the back.... it takes some golf balls to take a chance :) You never know... $25 for a set of irons isn't a bad deal.... but then again some nudie tees wouldn't be that great lol. Sorry... had to have some fun with it
  10. Lol, that's the fun of it :) Thanks for supporting Shotly! Let's hope your $25 gets you some gold
  11. We decided to mix some things up. If you are looking to have some fun and like a chance.... why not throw $25 our way? http://bit.ly/pimFKf
  12. Received some promo codes from Golf Galaxy and are for everyone at TST. Here is the info... 10% off all grips and spikes, just use the code GRSP10 at checkout. It does exclude Ping and valid through 10/1/11 The other is take $20, $50 or $100 off an order. User the code SEPT20GG at checkout. It excludes select new release and other specified products.... valid through 09/25/11. Enjoy from your friends at Shotly .
  13. @Nuclear Pretty sure they are still getting in contact with everyone. It should be very very soon when you know what you have won. sorry it has taken so long to get all this wrapped up. Matt
  14. We will have the entries to TST tomorrow so the winners should be announced Monday or Tuesday by TST. Ranjani can you confirm what date you wil be annoucing? On a side note, thanks to all who entered!
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