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  1. bnez

    What Do You Do for a Living?

    I'm a full time student too; I'll be a junior in the fall. I'm majoring in electrical engineering and considering a minor in biomedical engineering as well. I'm enjoying my time off this summer. I finally have some free time (gasp...don't tell my EE professors) so I can do some golfing.
  2. bnez

    USGA Members

    I joined last fall. I figured that as much of a golf nut as I am, I had no excuse not to join. Besides, I needed an up-to-date copy of the rulebook.
  3. bnez

    Which driver do you use?

    I play a Nike forged 350, 9.5*, stiff. It's old, but I've learned to hit it well. I fear change.
  4. bnez

    Which irons do you use?

    I've been hitting Nike Slingshots for about a little over a year now. I have nothing bad to say about them.

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