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  1. Thank you for your comment! i've been working on the tees under the armpits drill for the last two days, played 18 today, shot 72 so it wasn't terrible by all means but i noticed my start lines of the ball were straighter, and less massive over curves...i just think i have to learn to sync the arms and body together maintaining the pressure points to my torso....
  2. FO view, sorry about the club twirling! it's just become a bad habit\nerves tick i use to help deal with pressure in tournaments of which i haven't played well in at all...I don't understand why even though i practice and play golf everyday (golf is pretty much my life) i don't fare well in tournaments I've been Playing Golf for: 5 years My current handicap index or average score is: 4.0 handicap, average scores being between 70-80 My typical ball flight is: Push Draw The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is:Over draw and Push s
  3. Here are the reasons you are topping the ball 1: your weight is to far back at impact 2: with your weight too far back at impact you pull your arms up to avoid hitting behind the ball and Hitting the ball fat 3 : you release your body`s forward tilt at too fast of a rate and when the club face hits the ball it hits with too much ASCENT and not enough DESCENT, here is a drill for fixing topped shots,set up with 90% of your weight on your lead foot ( if you are a righty its you left foot if you are a lefty its your right foot) lean the handle of the golf club foward until it covers the ball of
  4. Yes and no, you can become overly obsessed with trying to work the ball some many different ways when just Having a one stock shot you can hit every time would do fine, instead most hackers\high handicappers spend hours of their time very little golf time working on hitting fifty billion different shots when they can`t even hit one shot shot pattern right.. but i`m not saying that their are not times when you should not try to add another shot shape into your ball flight pattern but what i`m saying is, make sure you have your shot that you can hit EVERY TIME down first before you try to add an
  5. Long Game, If i can drive the ball in the fairway i`ll be able to shoot a Good score, if not, I`m Going to shoot Some where in the High 80`s!
  6. Goals For 2012 #1 Improve My stack and tilt swing #2 Shoot in the mid 70`s every round #3 Learn How to drive the golf ball in the fairway #4 play more golf!.
  7. Are their any drills that you would recommend i practice to help me get my head alittle more forward during the swing?
  8. Thanks, But what do you mean By letting my head go forward?
  9. haha my bad, it just must be the Camera angle That Makes it look like he`s hitting pull shots!.... Could you please Explane what p4 and p5 mean? I have been Learning the S&T; Via the book and It never Used Terms like that!
  10. I would like to play it as my Stock Shot, the Reason Why I want to play a Pull-fade is because It has a much Lower ball flight then a push-draw.... here Are Some Videos That Show the pull-fade that i want to use as my Stock shot..
  11. I`ve been using The S&T; Method For 6-8 Months now and I Need Help Learning to Pull the Ball And start Playing a Pull-fade, my Natural ball flight is a Push Slice And a hard turning push Draw ... I have tried Playing a Push fade by Opening my stance and taking a weaker Grip but it has never worked For me!
  12. I play Some REALLY Old Clubs and i Shoot in the low 80`s every Time!
  13. Exactly! I think some Guys are just too proud to play off the Gold\White tees! I have to play of Shorter Tees since i only hit my driver about 230-240.
  14. I think its a Great Idea!....... well anything that speeds up play and lets me hit a Mid\Short iron in to the green is a Good idea To me!
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